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1994 LT40E Hydraulic stationary setup

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I posted this on Feb. 2007. Never have gotten it going, may never due to fatigue/health issues. I've lowered the asking price to $7,000.

The mill was purchased from Koetter Woodworking in Southern Indiana. It is a 1994 machine, vin# 456A52413RIHE8304. They had it setup as part of a quarter-saw production line. It is high hours, 6,435, but very well maintained. One of the owners told me that it did not have that many hours with the head moving, just run time on the motor and head as the employees did not shut it off when it was not sawing.
It has a manual/cable winch log turner, all other log handling is hydraulic. It has a 15Hp 230/460 3 phase Baldor electric motor. All the support legs are fixed length as setup on a factory floor. No axle or hitch is included. They told me it sat in the Morton building I picked it up from for 1 year. There is surface rust on all surfaces that did not have paint. It will take a little TLC, but all bearings are good. Adjustment will be needed on the bearings on the head columns. I soaked all the chains and rods with oil when I got it here, but I have not run the machine. I had intentions to add a gas engine and was waiting for warmer weather before doing the conversion. The alternator is on the machine to keep the battery charged. New cost of the new gas engine machine is currently $26,193.  I am located at Peoria, IL and the mill is at my Mom's farm in Hartsburg, IL.  62643

I have the same setup and it is a great saw. Great price. Somebody should jump on this. Joe

Thanks Joe. I was hoping this was low enough that someone might look at it as a second saw. Any offers? I just hate to go to Ebay or something like that. Too many people trying to take advantage. Maybe I'll try Craigslist, but it sure doesn't have much use around here. Now Chicago is a whole different story. I wonder if my daughter would mind if I park it in her driveway for a while. :D :D

low, you should definately use CL. After you have given it enough time here to make sure no one needs it, run it over and over on CL until it sells.  I routinely both buy low and sell high there. Don't get discouraged if it gets flagged a time or two. That's part of the game there.

I would rotate it around in Peroria, K-City, St. Louis and Chicago, Des Moines, and Indy. Run it only for two days and then pull it for 48 hours so you can top it in the next city (I don't have to wait 48 hours but that's another story). Run it again in the next market. You might sell it the first day. I have been pleasantly suprised at some of the big ticket items I have bought and sold on CL.

There is alot of junk and spam and scam yes, but it is also one place where people go when they need to buy something *now*. You do get tire-kickers of course, but it will also eventually run across the monitor of a guy whos wife finally relented and said he could use part of that inheritance for his lifelong dream of owning a sawmill, and he won't be able to get his wallet out fast enough. Or the guy who has a yard full of logs and orders, and his old rundown machine gave up the ghost. Someone needs that machine somewhere you just have to get it in front of them.

Don't lowball it, or ask way above the reasonable price range for it.  Ask at the very top end of the reasonable price range and stay there for a while. You may not have to come down. That's been my experience with CL. I have had fantastic success there.

That seems like a great price. Too bad my bank account doesn't think so.  :)


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