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Husqvarna 570 like new

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I took in on a trade a like brand new Husky 570 (just like the 575XP with smaller bore). I can sale it PHO for $450 + shipping or with the 20" husqvarna labeled oregon powermatch like new bar and chain for $500 + shipping. This is what I allowed for it on trade.

The saw was used for the stock saw competition in July and had about 20 8x8 cookies cut with it. I then got it and tested it in some firm dry 10x10 and 20"-23" spruce. I was surprised with the torque of the saw being a off the shelf stock saw.
The reason for selling is no use for it in my herd (new saws like this dont take well to modding that I like to have done on saws).

I took 4 saws in on trades this week. The cost new  here on a 570 was $659 + tax.
If anyone wants pics of this saw or interested let me know and I can post pics later when time allows.

Will take some older saw models that take to modding on trade if someone wants a new generation type saw. Husky 570 info says it can run a 16"-32" bar.

Looking for a decent Dolmar 7300.

Next stop could be ebay or shelf for later use, still undecided.

I have another old school big saw on hold. So shoot me your reasonable offers.

I like the 570. Ran it against the 365 and was impressed with the fat power band.

I like the 570 too (lot more comforable to run then my 365 special and 372/375) if you dont mind the extra 1lb of weight over those two saws. Its just a saw I wood leave stock and not try to woods port (but that is JMO).
If I was a serious  firewood cutter or needed a saw that is listed to run the bigger bars (up to 32" listed) because of the torque in the bigger wood, I would keep it. But I have a habit of wanting modded saws and people haven't caught up to the new generation of saws yet for porting etc.


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