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Stihl 031 031AV


Looking to trade a very nice condition 031AV for something more down my alley. Let me know what you got on trade.

I have been working on a nice not used much 031 with an ignition problem. The things I have done is rebuilt carb, new spark plug, cleaned or replaced all filters, new fuel line from tank to carb.
But after the saw warms up after a half hour of cutting it cuts out. Wait 5 mins to cool down restart and cut again but for not as long. Now when it cuts out, I put a spark tester on it and it still shows fire to the plug. The saw cuts great and has 148psi when tested dry bore after setting for a year and a half. Haven't rechecked it since usage.
But anyhow I was thinking points that are NLA and then people told me it could be the condenser, but now another guy pm's me and said he has never seen a condenser act like that and he thinks it could be the coil. Most say condenser and one person thinks coil.

Will have at the Ohio Racesaw gtg in the spring for the Vintage class if someone has a trade and wants to pick it up there with 16" 3/8 050 b+c or PHO.

GONE, Local guy needed it.


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