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steel bander and 3 roles of banding

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I don't have a picture at hand but I think most of you know what it is I am talking about with this.

I have 3-4 roles of 1/2inch wide steel banding, the band crimper, and banding cart that I want to get rid of. Not likely be a good item to ship but it could be arrainged. I do get up and down the state quite a bit  so I could drop it off if necessary.

I will confirm the actual amount of rolls tomarrow and let everyone know how many I actually have.  Was thinking $150 if three roles, $200 if four. Any offers would be considered though, including trades for just about anything interesting related to firearms, reloading, or outdoors type stuff. 

I just went out and checked and I actually have 5 roles of banding. So $200 for the lot takes it.

Man I wish you were closer. I'd buy it in a second.

How often you get to Pa? ;D

Please give me a call . I have a rifle I would trade. I'm in Hayward. Thanks. Greg 715-634-3855


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