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Lucas Mill Boot Camp at Woodland CA USA 26th & 27th June


Dear All Lucas Mill Owners\ Potential Owners\ or Just Curious

Whether you're contemplating the purchase of a portable sawmill or already own one, you'll benefit from the experts at Lucas and Bailey's. Come join the Lucas and Bailey's staffs for a day of comprehensive, intense, entertaining and informational training at the Bailey's National Headquarters in beautiful Woodland, California. You'll network with our staff of professionals and fellow sawyers while you master everything you need to turn raw logs into finished lumber and beautiful slabs. The day will be broken into morning and afternoon sessions covering the essentials of portable sawmilling.
Don't sweat it if you don't have a mill yet. Now is the perfect time to have the training. If you decide to purchase a mill, the cost of this boot camp will be discounted from your new mill.

Just curious? Want to learn more, but don't want to spend the money quite yet for formal training? Stop by our Woodland, CA location for a free Demo Day on June 27, 2010. Our experts will be on hand for a day of informal, yet informative demonstrations

Session 1 - Production Milling
This morning session will cover everything from small logs to large logs to bevel siding to proper mill maintenance, blade sharpening and everything in-between.

•Small Log Production
Milling small logs for maximum production can be tricky. In this seminar our team of experts will teach you how to setup, bunk and mill multiple logs at a time for optimum production. You'll learn tips and techniques that you'll be able to use every day to help you produce more lumber and make more money.

•Large Log Production During this seminar you'll learn how to efficiently maneuver, setup, position, and mill large logs for maximum yield. You'll learn time, labor and back-saving techniques that you can take home with you to increase the profitability of your milling operation.

•Using the Bevel Siding Attachment
This optional attachment works with every Lucas Portable Sawmill made. It allows you to produce professionally milled bevel siding. Learn how simple and easy it is to use this attachment to produce siding you can use yourself .
Session 2 - Creating Valuable Slabs Using the Slabbing Attachment
During the afternoon session, the pros from Lucas Mill and Bailey’s will teach you everything you need to know to produce highly desirable and valuable slabs.

•Using the Lucas Slabbing Attachment
We'll show you how to properly setup and operate the Lucas Slabber in order to produce the most attractive and valuable slabs possible. We'll also cover slab chain sharpening and maintenance.

•Planing, Sanding and Finishing Your Slabs
Once you have your slab, you’ll need a way to “finish” it. We’ll demonstrate how to use the Lucas planer disc to give your slabs a professional finish and how to use the Lucas sanding disc to put the final touch on your work.

If you want to book your place please use the following links 0610 DEMO DAY

If you require any further infromation please dont hesitate to contact the team at Baileys

Best Regards

Lucas Mill Pty Ltd

I won't be able to go to any boot camp for the lucas mill.  I have a lucas mill and have tried to use the  bevel siding attatchment and it is quite tricky since the blade tips down by adding washers.  The measurement calculation is not straight forward and was wondering if any one else has tackled and accomplished using the bevel siding attatchment sucessfully and has any pointers on it's use.  Also I had difficulty maintaining a good skinny edge it would would wanderoff and not be accurate skinny edge.  I was trying for quarter inch on the small side and 5/8" on the thick side?


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