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Author Topic: New Stihl MS 361 Owner  (Read 6433 times)

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Offline m8

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New Stihl MS 361 Owner
« on: October 17, 2011, 07:04:14 PM »
This is my first post and I decided to sign up while I was looking for opinions of various saws.  Went to the dealer on Friday to look at the MS 261.  After doing a fair amount of research I determined that the 261 was the exact saw to fit my needs.  Out of a rare occurrence there was one MS 361 with 20" bar left in stock since it has been discontinued.  I could tell that it had been on the shelf for sometime now because the tag was faded and covered with dust.  Fortunately the the dealer was looking to move it and I decided to make the move on today after doing some research on the 361.  I swapped the 20" bar with a 16" and kept the 20" in the event that I ever come across a need for it.  I've been through a few hurricanes and remember having to cut for a couple of days just to get back home and am sure I'll use to 20" bar.

I may be only a occasional user with a 1.5 acres of property to take care of but enjoy using good equipment and if the 361 is half of what people make it out to be I'll be more then satisfied.  Probably at the rate that I plan on using it and the way I maintain equipment my kids will have it someday.

Any specific recommendations on other equipment to get (i.e. files, wedges, safety, etc.) and techniques to use would be greatly appreciated?

Thanks already for all of the great posts on Sthil Professional Saws.

Offline beenthere

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Re: New Stihl MS 361 Owner
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2011, 07:29:50 PM »
Welcome to the forum.
I think you were a lucky man and got the right saw just in time. Smart move, IMO.

Better than the saw that replaced it, as CA rules have changed them and not for the better, again IMO. ;)

south central Wisconsin
 It may be that my sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others

Offline mad murdock

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Re: New Stihl MS 361 Owner
« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2011, 07:33:09 PM »
Welcome M8 to the Forum.  Your post might get moved over to the chainsaw forum, but hey, its all good!  What kind of cutting are you going to be doing? Are you in the woods as a profession?  Dealer support is a key component to a good saw brand.  Sounds like your local dealer is a good one.  A few essentials for a saw, a scrench, (extra one), some extra bar side cover nuts (if you have never lost any, you will), a good raker file, several round files for your cutters, a couple plastic felling wedges, and a good single bit axe for backup.  Maybe an extra saw (see the thread in chainsaws about owning 3 saws).
Turbosawmill M6 (now M8) Warrior Ultra liteweight, Granberg Alaskan III, lots of saws-gas powered and human powered :D

Offline jueston

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Re: New Stihl MS 361 Owner
« Reply #3 on: October 17, 2011, 09:46:30 PM »
welcome to the forum and congrats on the new saw.

Offline Ken 45lc

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Re: New Stihl MS 361 Owner
« Reply #4 on: October 17, 2011, 10:06:18 PM »
Congrats on the new saw, I think you made a really good choice. Find a couple trees to cut up so you can get 2 or 3 tanks of gas thru it and it'll run even better.

Offline chevytaHOE5674

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Re: New Stihl MS 361 Owner
« Reply #5 on: October 17, 2011, 10:55:08 PM »
Good saw you bought. Sometimes they can be a bear to start though. The muffler is so quiet it is sometimes hard to hear the first "pop" of the engine when the choke is on. So you will keep pulling and pulling only to flood it out. So listen for that faint "pop" and flip the choke off.

Offline WDH

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Re: New Stihl MS 361 Owner
« Reply #6 on: October 18, 2011, 08:05:33 AM »
That is exactly right.  Mine takes 8 pulls on choke to pop (gurgle) when starting cold.  If you don't stop after this with the choke on, it is flood city.  No big deal, you just have to pay attention.

Mine is a cutting fool!!!!!!! 

Woodmizer LT40HDD35, John Deere 2155, Kubota M5640SU, Nyle L53 Dehumidification Kiln, and a passion for all things with leafs, twigs, and bark.

Offline m8

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Re: New Stihl MS 361 Owner
« Reply #7 on: October 18, 2011, 10:03:18 AM »
I appreciate the warm welcome from everyone.  Can't wait to actually be able to use it.

Offline KB0NES

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Re: New Stihl MS 361 Owner
« Reply #8 on: October 19, 2011, 08:02:12 PM »
Welcome and you should enjoy that fine piece of equipment!

I bought the 261 a while back after deliberating between the 261 & 361/362 for a spell. The 261 is a hungry little saw that for my needs will do fine, but if I had got a deal I would have done as you did.

I was just at a local MN dealer and they still have MS 260 "Pro" saws, I think he said they still have 3 units in stock. I believe they had at least one 361 and a few 200T's also. They seem to have a lot of inventory for not selling many pro-level saws.

Burnsville, MN
MS 261 & MS 200T

Offline clww

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Re: New Stihl MS 361 Owner
« Reply #9 on: October 20, 2011, 05:11:56 PM »
Welcome to the Forum, M8!
Nice choice with a new MS361, too. I bought a used one a few months ago and really like it as my mid-range saw.
Many Stihl Saws-16"-60"
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Offline Piston

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Re: New Stihl MS 361 Owner
« Reply #10 on: November 02, 2011, 07:24:19 AM »
Congrats on the new saw.  I bought the same one about 2 yrs ago and, like you, did tons of research on it.  I couldn't be happier with the saw.  When you start it, don't use the decompression valve because you will hear the 'pop' mentioned earlier a lot easier than if you use it, and it really isn't hard to start anyways. 
As other's mentioned, if your pulling more than 6-8 times with the choke on, you're probably flooding it.  I pull mine anywhere from 5-8 times cold and I hear that pop, then flick off the choke but keep it on full throttle and it starts right up everytime. 
I have an 18" bar for all around use and a 25" bar for occasional use when I need it. 

As for the tools, Mad Murdock pretty much covered it.  I went to Lowe's and bought a soft tool bag with carry strap, and I put all my tools in one side of it, including extra chains and bar, and in the other side I put my 1gallon fuel tank and 1 gallon container of chain oil, works great.  When I need the saw I grab the bag and saw and I have everything I need for the woods including fuel, plus its easy to carry and I never lose anything.
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Offline thecfarm

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Re: New Stihl MS 361 Owner
« Reply #11 on: November 02, 2011, 08:08:32 AM »
m8,welcome to the forum. Safety equipment. I will miss something,steel toes boots,at least a hard hat,but a hard hat with muffs and shield is that much better,chaps,leather gloves. Yes,all this maybe $300 or so,but better than getting hurt. By the way how are you getting your wood out?
Model 6020-20hp Manual Thomas bandsaw,TC40A 4wd 40 hp New Holland tractor, 450 Norse Winch, Heatmor 400 OWB,YCC 1978-79

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