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Swingblade safety?

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As others have mentioned,

 get and use good PPE

Build fat log bunks and if you use chocks get the aluminum ones,

Use the carriage brake always!!  Make sure the E-brake functions and the clutch doesn't drag too much.  Warmed up at idle the blade shouldn't be spinning, creeping at most.

When using the pull handle, pull with the handle in line with the blade, rolls easier 

The lifting handles work much easier when the carriage is in the middle of the span.

Check the blade bolt/nuts every day and have a full set of spares and then 2-3 more. DO NOT over tighten them. Put a light coat of anti-sieze on the bolt threads and the shoulders.

Keep the blade keen-sharp, easier to touch-up a blade than to have tune it from dead dull,
you should be throwing mostly spaghetti not just dust out of the chute.

figure out your sawing pattern first and where you will 
stack slabs and lumber.

Keep 2-3 wedges in your pockets for holding finishing horizontal cut lumber up off the log.

when you get to the bottom of a log, saw slower and watch to see if the slab is starting to sag.
Its possible to have the log sag, bind the blade and stall it or move the remaining log and throw it.

If you saw alone tell someone where u are and check in,



--- Quote from: Dakota on March 01, 2018, 08:31:18 AM ---If the blade starts to get hot, for any reason, stop cutting and cool it off.  If you try to "just finish the cut", the blade could get hot enough to take the tension out of it.  Then it's useless, until you have it hammered.

--- End quote ---
Hey a tip if you have accidentally over heated a saw make sure you keep it spinning at full rev's while it cools the centrifugal  force will keep the outer part of the saw stretched as it cools and put tension back into the saw 

Make sure via the user's manual that your blade is cutting as recommended.  Also, a straight edge, like a framing square, can be useful in determining whether the blade is true, or warped.


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