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Has anyone tried the Lucas Mill Log Chocks?  I'm wondering if they are worth the $250 to buy and get them shipped.

     That seems a bit pricey to me.  How about picking up a piece of aluminum angle stock and cutting/bending it to do the job?  Then just drill and thread a hole for a screw.  2" aluminum angle, 1/4 thick, is about $31 from the MSC catalog.  (That's a 48" piece.)  Lots of other sizes and shapes to choose from, too.

We are somewhat new to milling (20hrs on our 6-18).  We added the log chocks to our purchase when seeing them our our "training" when we collected our mill.  We love them and reckon they save a heap of time and mucking about.  It is also nice to be able to adjust easy and know the log is well held for the last few runs.

They are a bit steep  but work well.
I tested mine on some walnut last weekend and today.
I built the bunks with Locust for the base, PT 4x4 shaved down a bit, through bolted the whole smash.



I have tried to wedge, tried the small cut out in the bunk, finally bought the dogs..saves a ton of messing around.


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