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Seems like i will never get them done. This is the current one.  6.0 Powerstroke resurrection.  This truck has not run in almost three years , but I finally got to it. 




    That's a nice clean shop ;) 

Where is all the rust?  We don't get to work on much stuff around here without the magic heat wrench and lots of rust.  I do like working in a clean & orderly shop.

I have "projects" stacking up. Two old Chevy trucks. My little crawler. Boiler build. Ugh. And my shop completetion is first on the list this spring. Adding on first then cement wiring Heat. The hole nine yards. Or 30 yards haha. Concrete anyways. Good luck on the truck. I've heard a lot of problems with those things.

Is it going to be a shop truck or a personal one? They are not as bad an engine as people say. About a couple of months ago I put a number five injector in a E-450 van, now that was no fun at all, no room to work and I think I had every wrench out of the toolbox. Come to think about it I lost my 12 mm stubby wrench at it. Good luck with the project.


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