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Started by wannaergo, April 03, 2015, 05:24:30 PM

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Does anybody know a good way to get softwood sap off equipment windows? I've tried window cleaner and wd40 and no luck.
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What about starting fluid just don't breathe to much in lol
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I use starting fluid  :)
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vinegar  that will do it or there is a  thing called bug and tar remover it will take spray paint off like if you spray your truck with marking paint it will remove it but will not damage the factory paint something to do with the clear coat


Don't know about windows, but mayo works great for taking pine sap off your hands.



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I use NOx ice.   Works great to get grease off too


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The best thing I've found to take pine sap off of hands is cooking oil. You just rub your hands in the oil, then wash wish soap & water to get the oil off. Works easily and quickly, with very little scrubbing required.  I've used it on tools as well with good results. Never tried it on windows.
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   If you're trying to clean a Lexan window, it might not like some of the solvents suggested, like lacquer thinner. Perhaps a good idea to try a small spot in the corner before you smear it all over.
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Don't use force-get a bigger hammer.


Pvc primer (acetone) will take it right off, don't use on Lexan, just real glass. :)
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Thanks for all the suggestions. I guess I should have clarified, it's a lexan window on the harvester. I'm a little nervous to try something too strong, cause I made that mistake once already with brakleen on a different machine
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Waterless hand cleaner works pretty good if you mix some elbow grease with it. I think GOOP is the last brand I bought. Make sure it's not the kind with abrasive granules in it though.
Oh, and it may be waterless when cleaning hands...not so much when cleaning Lexan.  You'll have to wash the window after you wash the window.  :D
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Goo gone works on fir sap. It is also not harmful to plastics.
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I use ether on Lexan all the time.  It cuts sprayed on hydraulic oil really good  ;D
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