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The November Quilter's Stash Box contained something a little different.  A sample bottle of Bluecreeper SMO so members could lube their sewing machines. 

here is the blog announcing it to their readers.

I guess the author didn't like the story about how we loved Rust Reaper and bought the formula or she was confused when she states BC was developed for logging tools. ;D

This deserve a like AND a post. ;)

It is awesome for anyone with Blue Hair . . .


--- Quote from: red on December 01, 2016, 06:35:56 AM ---It is awesome for anyone with Blue Hair . . .

--- End quote ---

Thanks for sharing.  The old sewing machines are neat.  I have my moms old Singer with the foot pedal converted to an electric motor. 

Enjoyed reading the blog... plus there's the coupon.


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