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827 Blade swap


Sawed some Black Walnut last month and found some copper wire.

So it was time to swap out the blade as some of the tips were getting pretty chipped even after I resharpened them.
I was able to remove three of the five bolts, the other two were not moving and even with the
hex holes cleaned and full engagement of the driver the bolt-holes eventually started to give-up.

I figured if I step drilled the bolts I could relieve the pressure on the bolts and get them off.
SUCCESS!!  took about 20 minute a bolt, stepping up in drill size and being careful not to drill
into the blade body or the mandrel.  I was able to remove just enough material and thankfully the
bolts were seized against the blade and not in the mandrel.  In the second photo you can see where
I drilled through the flange of the bolt

New bolts will be ordered and the remaining three will go into the sharpening case
as extra's.   Will recheck the torque spec and add a bit more never-seize to the flange of the blade bolts.






This years blade removal for the season was smooth and painless,

never-seize worked great,



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