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Blue Creeper and the Jeep fan clutch


Wallys World:
I am working on a friends' 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee and I needed to remove the fan clutch. It is on the water pump with one large threaded stud. I tried for about an hour, with no room to get much of your hands in, hard to keep the water pump from slipping (even with the belt on) and just plain ole stuck, I told my wife I will put some Blue Creeper on it and let it sit. That was on Sunday night. This morning I went out and the first try the stud came loose! Surprised, NO! Blue Creeper does the job for you!

Some day I will learn before even getting the wrenches out I'll Blue Creeper the part first thing!

why is Bluecreeper always a second thought?  In a way it always makes Bluecreeper a hero that comes to the rescue.  :D :D :D

However, the expression work smarter not harder comes to mind. 

Wallys World you said it best " Bluecreeper does the job for you!"

thanks for the testimonial!!!!


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