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Storing extra blades


What are members with swing mills doing to store their extra blades?


At this time mine are still in the cardboard shipping boxes from the saw doctor.  I've thought about making a couple out of canvas stitched to aluminum rails lined with hardboard on the bottom and sides.  I'd either have a v-flap or zipper closure for access to the carrier.  If I'm not mistaken the ones they sell run around $70 for my 10" sawblade.

Cardboard shipping boxes for me too. I just keep them in the shed, up off the ground.

Just a question from me.  Given our humidity, wouldn't the cardboard gradually attract/absorb moisture which would ultimately cause the blade to rust? 

I know that I had an unopened "flat pack" of bandmill blades that did rust some.

Yes Magic,  when I purchased my mill the extra blades were in cardboard,
and they did surface rust.  I built a simple wood "caddy" and have the extra's
stored up-right with light machine oil on them.  was wondering if I should store
them in a different fashion? 

flat packed,  vertical, suspended by the eye on a steel or wood dowel?



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