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NEW 065ffp30%.JPG
Grinding end off bearingwoodbowl
NEW 070ffp30%.JPG
Placing shims under the bearingswoodbowl
NEW 069ffp30%.JPG
Placing shims under the bearingswoodbowl
NEW 068ffp30%.JPG
Placing shim for the bearingwoodbowl
NEW 067ffp30%.JPG
Calipering shim sizewoodbowl
NEW 066ffp30%.JPG
Cutting shim stockwoodbowl
NEW 077ffp30%.JPG
Cutting tin can shim stockwoodbowl
NEW 076ffp30%.JPG
Locating plastigage on bearingwoodbowl
NEW 074ffp30%.JPG
Cutting plastigage to lengthwoodbowl
NEW 073ffp30%.JPG
New pack of plastigagewoodbowl
NEW 072ffp30%.JPG
Shim under bearing, ready to installwoodbowl
NEW 078ffp30%.JPG
Caliper, thickness of canwoodbowl
Biggest Log013ffp95%.JPG
Biggest logwoodbowl
NEW 079ffp28%.JPG
Gaging compression of plastigagewoodbowl
Tomato gravy, grits and buiscuitswoodbowl
Cheese Grits 38%.JPG
family reunionwoodbowl
DanG&brdmkr 040ff13%.JPG
DanG&brdmkr 027ff13%.JPG
The real sawerwoodbowl
DanG&brdmkr 022ff13%.JPG
look seewoodbowl
DanG&brdmkr 013ff13%.JPG
thankin' againwoodbowl
DanG&brdmkr 003ff13%.JPG
pig roast southern stylewoodbowl
DanG&brdmkr 011ff14%.JPG
cooking our dinner on the millwoodbowl
DanG&brdmkr 046ff20%.JPG
been a very good daywoodbowl
manualtohydraulic 008ff11%.JPG
non standard motor mount-Kohler 25woodbowl
manualtohydraulic 007ff13%.JPG
homemade alt. mountwoodbowl
manualtohydraulic 012ff12%.JPG
retro fit clamp and turnerwoodbowl
manualtohydraulic 005ff11%.JPG
hyd turner-manual clamp-hyd clampwoodbowl
manualtohydraulic 003ff11%.JPG
valve banks, power switch, pump and lineswoodbowl
manualtohydraulic 014ff12%.JPG
homemade groundwoodbowl
manualtohydraulic 010ff12%.JPG
gathering slack chain with haywirewoodbowl
manualtohydraulic 009ff12%.JPG
Homemade seatwoodbowl
sawing  cypress shotgunningff12% 022.JPG
shotgunning big cypresswoodbowl
sawing  cypressff12% 017.JPG
about as big as my mill will sawwoodbowl
sawing  cypressff12% 011.JPG
cypress 40+ incheswoodbowl
sawing  cypressff12% 009.JPG
Cypress looks like Michagan?woodbowl
sawing walnutff12%  005.JPG
Sawing Walnutwoodbowl
sawing  cypress shotgunningff12% 024.JPG
shotgunning cypress to turnwoodbowl
sawing cypress 003ff12%.JPG
18" wide Cypress boardswoodbowl
sawing cypress 006ff14%.JPG
48" Cypresswoodbowl
sawing cypress 005ff15%.JPG
Bugs in Cypress #1woodbowl
sawing cypress 004ff15%.JPG
Bugs in Cypress #2woodbowl
zo sawing big cypress 022.JPG
Barely able to get bywoodbowl
zo sawing big cypress 020.JPG
Now my blade guide will clearwoodbowl
zo sawing big cypress 016.JPG
One more cut to complete the notchwoodbowl
zo sawing big cypress 015.JPG
Making a notch so blade guide will clearwoodbowl
zo sawing big cypress 013.JPG
Sawdust blows 20' away from millwoodbowl
Homemade banjo 04-22%ff.JPG
Homemade banjo 04woodbowl
Homemade banjo 03-22%ff.JPG
Homemade banjo 03woodbowl
Homemade banjo 01-19%ff.JPG
Homemade banjo 02woodbowl
Homemade banjo 02-22%ff.JPG
Homemade banjo 01woodbowl
snake in fence-2a20%.JPG
snake caught in fence-2woodbowl
snake in fence-1a24%.JPG
snake caught in fence-1woodbowl
Finger still workswoodbowl
Nawwww, just kiddingwoodbowl
or this will happen.......woodbowl
Turner tip sawed clean off!woodbowl
Sawed into clamp, now reweldedwoodbowl
Sawed into side support.....several timeswoodbowl
tractor 001ff-13%.JPG
tractor tire splitwoodbowl
tractor 007ff17%.JPG
fuel pump opened upwoodbowl
tractor 006ff13%.JPG
fuel pump removedwoodbowl
tractor 003ff13%.JPG
fuel pump mountedwoodbowl
tractor 002ff13%.JPG
IMT539 side profilewoodbowl
tractor 005ff15%.JPG
dip stick, makin' oilwoodbowl
tractor fuel pump 015ff15%.JPG
pump ready to assemblewoodbowl
tractor fuel pump 003ff17%.JPG
holes drilledwoodbowl
tractor fuel pump 002ff15%.JPG
inner tube cut outwoodbowl
tractor 008ff14%.JPG
diaphram, leaking at shaftwoodbowl
Cogon grass, Saw grass 005ff14.JPG
5-saw grass? cogon grass?woodbowl
Cogon grass, Saw grass 003ff15.JPG
3-saw grass? cogon gress?woodbowl
Cogon grass, Saw grass 002ff10.JPG
2-saw grass? cogon grass?woodbowl
Cogon grass, Saw grass 001ff13.JPG
1-saw grass? cogon grass?woodbowl
Mortise & tenon, peg, beam 005ff13.JPG
Mortise & tenon, peg, beam 004ff13.JPG
Mortise & tenon, peg, beam 003ff12.JPG
Mortise & tenon, peg, beam 002ff13.JPG
Mortise & tenon, peg, beam 001ff13.JPG
Mortise & tenon, peg, beam 010ff15.JPG
Mortise & tenon, peg, beam 009ff14.JPG
Mortise & tenon, peg, beam 008ff14.JPG
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