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snake in fence-1a24%.JPG
snake caught in fence-11719 viewswoodbowl
snake in fence-2a20%.JPG
snake caught in fence-21635 viewswoodbowl
tractor 001ff-13%.JPG
tractor tire split424 viewswoodbowl
NEW 065ffp30%.JPG
Grinding end off bearing283 viewswoodbowl
tractor 002ff13%.JPG
IMT539 side profile263 viewswoodbowl
shaved wax 012ff17.JPG
sweetgum bowl205 viewswoodbowl
Fix 5ff12.JPG
Homemade hyd hose clamp205 viewswoodbowl
shaved wax 011ff15.JPG
sweetgum bowl193 viewswoodbowl
stuck saw ff12.JPG
pinched saw192 viewswoodbowl
ee 083ff13.JPG
Starter used for homemade drag back-1187 viewswoodbowl
ee 077ff14.JPG
Starter used for homemade dragback-4186 viewswoodbowl
shaved wax 002ff15.JPG
sweetgum bowl185 viewswoodbowl
manualtohydraulic 009ff12%.JPG
Homemade seat179 viewswoodbowl
manualtohydraulic 005ff11%.JPG
hyd turner-manual clamp-hyd clamp177 viewswoodbowl
dated 187ff14.JPG
Southern yellow poplar, crotch cut173 viewswoodbowl
ee 082ff13.JPG
Starter used for homemade dragback-2173 viewswoodbowl
manualtohydraulic 003ff11%.JPG
valve banks, power switch, pump and lines168 viewswoodbowl
manualtohydraulic 014ff12%.JPG
homemade ground167 viewswoodbowl
ee 079ff14.JPG
Starter used for homemade dragback-3166 viewswoodbowl
manualtohydraulic 007ff13%.JPG
homemade alt. mount164 viewswoodbowl
sawing  cypress shotgunningff12% 024.JPG
shotgunning cypress to turn163 viewswoodbowl
zo sawing big cypress 013.JPG
Sawdust blows 20' away from mill163 viewswoodbowl
tractor 003ff13%.JPG
fuel pump mounted161 viewswoodbowl
Getoverit and his DanG Deadheader homemade log getter161 viewswoodbowl
Trip to Moultrie 2005 020ff12%.JPG
Ecosaw Moultrie 2005159 viewswoodbowl
sending out bowls 008ff13.JPG
What's wrong with this picture?157 viewswoodbowl
Jake Dean Hazelhurst Ga 042ff13.JPG
Customsawyers LT40SHD#1157 viewswoodbowl
DanG&brdmkr 027ff13%.JPG
The real sawer154 viewswoodbowl
zo sawing big cypress 022.JPG
Barely able to get by154 viewswoodbowl
WM sharpener- time for a clean up154 viewswoodbowl
dated 162ff12.JPG
Southern Yellow Poplar, method used to reposition claw154 viewswoodbowl
dated 180ff14.JPG
Southern Yellow Poplar, turning brown in stack, green when sawen153 viewswoodbowl
Jake Dean Hazelhurst Ga 076ff13.JPG
Customsawyers new WM LT70152 viewswoodbowl
Expo 014ff17.JPG
Fletch, changing blade on D&L Swingblade152 viewswoodbowl
Jake Dean Hazelhurst Ga 038ff13.JPG
CustomsawyersLT40SHD#2152 viewswoodbowl
dated 181ff13.JPG
Southern Yellow Poplar, on ramps151 viewswoodbowl
sawing cypress 003ff12%.JPG
18" wide Cypress boards150 viewswoodbowl
Starter with pulley attached150 viewswoodbowl
Biggest Log013ffp95%.JPG
Biggest log149 viewswoodbowl
sawing walnutff12%  005.JPG
Sawing Walnut149 viewswoodbowl
manualtohydraulic 012ff12%.JPG
retro fit clamp and turner147 viewswoodbowl
dated 177ff13.JPG
Southern Yellow Poplar, cant / crotch147 viewswoodbowl
At the mill 003ff14.JPG
tape measure stuck to southern yellow heart pine147 viewswoodbowl
Jake Dean Hazelhurst Ga 071ff13.JPG
Customsawyer, new log deck147 viewswoodbowl
sending out bowls 009ff15.JPG
sending out the auction bowl april 2006147 viewswoodbowl
Jeff B - Waiting for me to put the camera down so he can eat his grits146 viewswoodbowl
tractor 006ff13%.JPG
fuel pump removed145 viewswoodbowl
Trip to Moultrie 2005 120ff16.JPG
DanG...actually workin' #2145 viewswoodbowl
Turner tip sawed clean off!144 viewswoodbowl
helper motor for dragback144 viewswoodbowl
Homemade dimensional mill/below view144 viewswoodbowl
Trip to Moultrie 2005 029ff12%.JPG
Ecosaw Moultrie 2005143 viewswoodbowl
tractor fuel pump 002ff15%.JPG
inner tube cut out142 viewswoodbowl
melted rubber seal 002ff16.JPG
melted rubber seal #1141 viewswoodbowl
sawing too close to the mill ff%.JPG
customer sawing down a tree a little too close to the mill141 viewswoodbowl
Trip to Moultrie 2005 030ff12%.JPG
Ecosaw Moultrie 2005140 viewswoodbowl
Jake Dean Hazelhurst Ga 025ff15.JPG
Customsawyer, new deck and LT70140 viewswoodbowl
Homemade banjo 03-22%ff.JPG
Homemade banjo 03139 viewswoodbowl
manualtohydraulic 008ff11%.JPG
non standard motor mount-Kohler 25138 viewswoodbowl
old look# 008ff15.JPG
sweetgum bowl138 viewswoodbowl
SM upgrades 04ff13%.JPG
Adding extra pump unit138 viewswoodbowl
Homemade dimensional mill/above view138 viewswoodbowl
WM sharpener- left side rusting away.137 viewswoodbowl
dated 174ff14.JPG
Uncle Son and me, down at the oyster bar137 viewswoodbowl
Homemade banjo 04-22%ff.JPG
Homemade banjo 04136 viewswoodbowl
Homemade banjo 02-22%ff.JPG
Homemade banjo 01136 viewswoodbowl
DSC02218 ebay50%ff.JPG
Sycamore W/ chips & salsa136 viewswoodbowl
WM sharpener- right side136 viewswoodbowl
Expo 017ff19.JPG
Lindsay Flett with his D&L Swingblade mill136 viewswoodbowl
Toms fire-burning blades 2006135 viewswoodbowl
Expo 018ff17.JPG
D&L twinsaw, model T.S.48D135 viewswoodbowl
zo sawing big cypress 015.JPG
Making a notch so blade guide will clear134 viewswoodbowl
tractor 007ff17%.JPG
fuel pump opened up134 viewswoodbowl
Trip to Moultrie 2005 119ff16.JPG
DanG...actually workin' #1134 viewswoodbowl
Tom eating the last persimmon on the tree 2006134 viewswoodbowl
DanG&brdmkr 013ff13%.JPG
thankin' again133 viewswoodbowl
manualtohydraulic 010ff12%.JPG
gathering slack chain with haywire133 viewswoodbowl
Trip to Moultrie 2005 121ff13.JPG
DanG...actually workin' #3133 viewswoodbowl
Jeff & DanG grits for breakfast at Toms 2006133 viewswoodbowl
sending out bowls 016ff16.JPG
kitty kitty133 viewswoodbowl
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