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Fall 2003

Winter is approaching and it’s been one crazy busy summer and fall.  We could tell in the spring that business had started to pick up.  People were starting to feel the pressure of getting on with projects they’d been holding back on.

We’ve also picked up a large custom sawing deal that’s been pretty much constant.  Our relationship with this one customer has expanded to include providing him with a log collection yard area and loading and unloading services.  Good thing we got the Terex last winter.  It’s really come in handy.

In addition,  we’ve provided some materials to a local custom post and beam home builder.  His customer requested the ‘knees’ be made out of walnut.  This we did and then also provided walnut for the banisters and rails as well as other trim parts.  The association with this post and beam builder led to orders from a carpenter that finished out post and beam homes.   

Link to pictures of timber frame home.

Pictures of Jerry Nivens of WoodHinge Timberframe homes working on his next home.

All the while,  our other steady customers continued to place more and larger orders.  All this business has pretty much filled our dance card.  There have been very few days when the mill hasn’t run.  We had planed a vacation in the early fall to attend the Paul Bunyon forestry show in Nelsonville, OH.  but had to cancel out because we just couldn’t get away. 

We did manage to attend the Mid-West Forestry Industry Show in St. Charles, MO. in early September.  Met with a lot of our Wood-Mizer and Forestry Forum friends.  We also bought a Lund grapple attachment for our Terex loader.  It works great.

Link to pictures of Lund grapple on Terex loader. 

Hopefully,  winter will bring us some relief!

Have a Merry Christmas one and all!