Just show me the green


Ok all go easy on me, this is my first try at a webpage.

Now to the meat and potatoes. We live in central Delaware on 43 acres of woods. We being my family (the mrs - 5 - childern) and myself. We are working on the woodlot to bring it back into better production. This takes time and we have a long way to go on it. But it sure is nice to see your work grow. Both the trees and the childern.

My main side business is tractor work. It really does well from bush hogging to grading land and also some small scale skidding and top cleanup. Oh and even a few times a year pushing snow.

Of course I need a fulltime day job as well, sad but true. That job consists of alot of steam piping work and plumbing. One thing for the life of me I will never ever figure out why people would pay to go into a steam bath.

So that is the skinny on me how bout u?