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New rising country singer

Started by WhitePineJunky, August 13, 2023, 04:04:19 PM

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Quote from: WhitePineJunky on September 08, 2023, 03:14:57 PM
He did a 2 hours interview with Jordan peterson
I listened to it this afternoon.  Very well done and very little by way of partisan politics (they do discuss politics, naturally, but not in a right vs left or us vs them mentality).  I added it to my need to listen to again list as they brought up some observations that I want to study more when I have more time.
Quote from: WhitePineJunky on September 08, 2023, 04:13:07 PM
Quote from: SwampDonkey on September 08, 2023, 03:54:35 PM
Peterson is a Canadian psychologist who has had a podcast for a number of years. He's been on Joe Rogan's podcast many times. The censorship police would like to shut him up. :D
Had a 30 year career of helping people then 5 years ago cbc says he's bad so I guess that's it!
Guy continues to help people even post media fame

Media hatred of him started after he stated he would not abide by compelled speech.  As for the Rogan podcast, one of the complaints/charges that resulted in his now mandated "re-education" is one of these Rogan podcasts - not a part of clip but the entire show.


He's got a fork in the road now he could make it big and all that comes with that which may change him for the worse, or quietly sit back and fade from the spotlight, his point came across successfully. 


He looked really mad and embarrassed that he had been "duped" about the high ticket prices.  

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The music business is those two things, music and business. If you're a paid music act, you have to learn early on to be smart about money, or find someone who you can trust to be your manager. You also have to learn about record company contracts and lawyers (both good and bad). You also have to decide if you'll be a short term star, and then get out of the business, or be a long term artist. The later usually end up moving to Nashville to make a career. There are some who are both talented and savy about money, example when Jimmy Buffet died he had a net worth of about 1 billion dollars.
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I saw both of his shows at Louder than Life 
in Louisville. He played a 1/2 hour the 1st day and 
a full hour yesterday. Really great performance. 
Authentic for sure



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I have a feeling he gonna release a album within next 6 months to year and it's gonna be great/massive success. We could use some real country music again, there's a couple modern ones but not many that do it like outlaw


I haven't bought an album since Luke Kaufman came out with his Coyboy Baller years ago, but I will buy Olivers if he puts one out.  
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In some ways he reminds me of one of my favorites. George Strait. Many have wondered why he was never a member of the Grand Ole Opry and the reason is as simple as the fact that they require more appearances than he was willing to do. Especially when he lived in Texas. It would have hurt his family life. Oliver seems to be well grounded and I think he will do fine. He may not make as much money as he could but it will be more than enough for what he wants. He will be happier with less I think. 
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 He sounds like he'd be happy enough if he got a new blue tarp to put over his camper roof out of all of this😊
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Chapel Hart - "You Can Have Him Jolene" [OFFICIAL VIDEO] - YouTube

   Here's a new group I enjoy and hope they do well. The video does not do justice to their music IMHO. 
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Just saw one of the stops is near us at CMAC on June 22, 2024. We are looking into tickets. 
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