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While the Humboldt vs. Conventional discussion can take off into the weeds, how about a subset of that discussion? Face cut angles? In soft wood or more brittle species, a shallow cut angle works pretty well as typically as soon as the face closes the hinge simply breaks. Out here in Hardwood that same


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There are topics discussing the drought that we had this past Summer and the resulting tree kills, both by the drought and also by Ips and Southern Pine Beetles. Thousands of dead trees throughout the entire drought stricken area. Both Pine and Hardwood.

Now what I am seeing is landowners with dead trees and logs that they were unprepared for. Most do not have a need for the lumber and many do not have the fund$ to saw them. Read More

I use both but over time lean more toward using conventional, I see a lot of people say you waste wood as you take a notch from what will be the Butt of the log, I disagree on it wasting wood, a conventional notch allows to get lower on the stump making up for the face notch loss.
Humboldt definitely leaves it look neater IMO thoughRead More

I changed the fuel filter on my Kubota l3240
It's a cartridge type
The tractor started right up and runs good but when you step on the hydro pedal it stalls right out.
It feels like a fuel issue
What should I be looking for ?
Thanks in advance

Interested in folks who have experience with the LX250. Really the only bad thing I've heard about it is that the blade wheel size leaves you with a tradeoff - when you're really using the width capacity you can use a 0.055 for the smoothest cut and expect blades to break prematurely, or use a thinner blade and accept some wavy cuts. And you're limited to narrower blades based on the housing/roller design and lower HP motor.Read More

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