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Resaws save time and money!!!!


With one of our Baker Horizontal Band Resaws, you could save a lot of time on breaking down cants and material, simply by having multiple heads and/or a return conveyor.  You may even be interested to know that we have a lazy susan style turn-around system that allows you to keep the resaw fed with minimal manpower!  And dont forget that the thin kerf of a band resaw brings a yield increase of at least 15-20% over a traditional circle blade!

Whether you are a larger operation and need multiple heads for single pass cuts, or a smaller outfit that needs a single head with return or turnarounds, we've got you covered!  Check out our extensive line of resaws and various options to fit your operation at Baker Products - Home.  

What's the longest length cant one can run on the lazy susan set up?

The maximum cant you would want to run would be 60".


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