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Do you have trees to grow? Logs to saw? A forest to manage? Chainsaws to fix? A sawmill to purchase or maintain? Timber related business to run? Lumber to dry? Trees or plants to identify? A cabin to build? Are you hungry and like FOOD?

Or would you just like to pull up a stump and visit with a friend?
If any of these and a multitude of other topics apply, then The Forestry Forum is the place for you.

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Yesterday afternoon after the mill was hot from running all day the 150a fuse blew out.
Changed it ran the rest of the day
The same thing happened today
Any thoughts please
I have orders to fill lots of folks nearby don't.
I need to sort this out .

These logs came in on a tree service load with no bark on them.
I thought it was Basswood but sawed hard unlike any Basswood I have sawn before and don't look like it
Any thoughts?

Those who have been sawing for decades...will I ever be done making stickers?

Howdy All

New member here from Australia hoping to get some wisdom on RC50 hydraulics. My RC50 is noticeably quicker and turn better in reverse than in forward. Still functions fine but noticeable. My first thoughts are a faulty joystick but would appreciate any suggestions. Figured I could test the joystick by reversing the hoses temporarily and see if that makes reverse slower. Does anybody know which hoses need to be changed at the joystick. Have also considered one of the 4 relief vales but not sure which one to check. Also figure pilot pressure is fine given reverse performance.Read More


While the Humboldt vs. Conventional discussion can take off into the weeds, how about a subset of that discussion? Face cut angles? In soft wood or more brittle species, a shallow cut angle works pretty well as typically as soon as the face closes the hinge simply breaks. Out here in Hardwood that same


Read More

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