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Colby in NH at the end of the month and Mill River in Southern VT are closing.
Kennabec just built a new mill down the road from me.
It's taken 3 years to build.
One of the most state of the art mills in New England I'm told.
I got invited to the open house but couldn't make it.

So the other day one of the guys who trucks for me said our local mill isn't buying any more pine and may be closing. I called the buyer and left a message but never heard back. I have sold pine to them for years and they are/ were a sizable operation.
Anybody else know about this?

Hi, There was a tremendous storm 2022 that took down a 25" red oak tree that I found in the woods. The log is off the ground and will take a lot of effort to get it out of the woods. With a tree that has been air drying that long, will the wood be very difficult to mill? Would it be better to...

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How's business? I just finished up a big job but aside from that it's been really quiet. I have not been this slow ever.

Timberking 2000, clutch stop engaging, switch checks out ok, connections at clutch seem to be good, after a little while it will start working again. Anybody have this happen?

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