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Tom, and Jeff,

Thank you for your comments. I have done my homework to a degree, and know about the mills I speak of. I didn't know about Timberking's past with Belsaw though. The TimberKing is nearest me and has setworks, No setter, sharpener or debarker, 25 hp Koler and the price is pretty good. The Cook's is next on the list 35 Hp. Wi., and has a few more Hrs. on it has the setworks, setter, sharpener and debarker. The Timber Harvester is the farthest, 30 Hp Dueitz deisel, setworks, setter, sharpener and debarker. lowest hrs. and the highest price.

Thank You,

It sounds like you are in possesion of some high dollar logs. Have you considered taking them to a hardwood mill like weyherhouser, Gergia Pacific, or one like it.  I have 2 woodmizers and I cannot realize the profit from cherry, maple, or walnut by selling finished lumber than I get in logform from a hardwood mill.  Thebig mills have a market that you will have to develope and 4000bdft a month will not be worth most large manufactors time and effort.
Now that pessimism aside,  Why are you not considering baker, woodmizer,and mobile dimension, to say nothing about the swingblade mills?  For your application, cutting 4000bdft a month, any of these mills would perform adequately and efficiently.  Of the two mills that you mentioned, I have only seen the TH and was impressed but I have also been impressed by Baker and Woodmizer.  I like woodmizer for my application,  I have a portable sawmill service and take my mills to the harvesting site. The other mills are much heavier and harder to set up at different sites.  I move my mill from one staging area to the next in fifteen to twenty minutes.  All of the mills that I listed will cut accurate lumber and the cost factor is about the same except for the swingblades.  If I were in your shoes, I would probably go with a swingblade.  Low startup cost, very little maintanence and quite productive.


Yes we have thought about selling the logs, but most they are from Urban areas, and most of them make my metal detector sing. Venneer logs with metal in them are not desirable, however we wouldn't have a problem getting out the trash to saw them.

Thank You,

Welcome,  Rick,  where are ya,  and do you need a hired hand? :)  I run a Mobile Dimension circle mill in the U.P. of Michigan,  but with tractor trouble,  and the last snowstorm up there,  have not been cutting.  I'm in Mayville near Horicon,  your email addy sounds familiar,  were you looking to get rid of some pine logs awhile ago?  There is a log home builder on Hwy 33,  don't know if he buys them or not,  worth checking into though.  Kettle Moraine Hardwoods off 41 near K (Slinger area) may buy wood from you,  I've had some planing done there,  nice guys.


Yep you are right the Addy should look familiar. Asked about the Lewis winch you had on Ebay.


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