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Possible Error on Toolbox Uniformly Loaded Beam calculator

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Hey all - I was working through some load calcs with the "Uniformly Loaded Simple Beam For Dimensional Lumber 2-4" thick, and I believe there may be an error for Eastern Hemlock design values. When I select Grade #2, the allowable fiberstress is 850, and when I select Grade #1, the fiberstress is 775. Shouldn't those be the other way around? 

Also - It seems the 850 value (assuming that's for grade 1) is quite different from the Manual Entry calculator design value table (1150). I do notice the manual entry design value table states "for timbers 5x5 and larger", maybe that makes the difference, but just wanted to point it out in case it could be an error.

I really appreciate the calculators and I use them all the time, so thanks very much to whoever puts in the work for them (DonP??).

Don P:
Ruh-roh, don't trust it till I check. There's a couple of backups if you are sitting here in cold rain wanting do do something. Go to and use their span calc for dimensional lumber 2-4" thick. Hit their publications tab and download WSDD for heavy timber tables laid out by design value. Current design values are in the "Supplement" on that same publications page. (That's also the way to size lumber or beams for an inspector, that stuff is all code referenced)

I'll check back in.

Don P:
Excellent catch, thank you. That should be 575 for #2. Give me a bit gotta find the keys to get under the hood and check that array.

DonP, thanks for those resources, and glad I could help!!

Don P:
Here we go, Jeff already pm'ed asking if I needed a new way in but we should be good to go. That appeared to be a lone error, I did a real quick scan of the rest of the design values in that array, the patterns looked correct. That was a long day of data entry  :D.

What I've done here in several places where there are a couple of species groups, in this case the supplement lists "Eastern-Hemlock-Balsam Fir" as one group of design values, and then also lists "Eastern Hemlock-Tamarack" as another Group with slightly different design values. I cheated and used the lower design values and gave one option. In this case the only difference is the Balsam group has lower shear values so I used those in the calc. Usually if I'm bumping into whether those differences matter I'm having a basic size problem.


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