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lucas mill gearbox overheating

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Hi all
Been using my brothers mill for the past few weks and it seems the gearbox is getting real hot while milling with the circular blade. The gearbox oil had gear oil , guessing 90w , and I replaced it with dextron 4 at the suggestion of the Lucas mill tech support.  But it is getting very hot now. Im wondering if it is on the verge of failure with it heating like that. Im also thinking of draining the oil and putting in 90w gear oil to see if that makes a difference. Any thoughts?

Don P:
We run 90W in my partner's. Only thing I can think if you don't have a bearing going out is, are the belts overly tight?

did you use a temp gun . I have said many times the hot water out of your tap maxes out at 120 degrees F . Oilcan run all day at 140 to 150 . hotter than that you have a problem . Angle gear boxes don't hold much oil and almost always run hot . 

I haven't checked the temp as of yet. I will do that. Just changed the belts and they are not to tight. THX for all the replies. Ill post when I find anything new.

Just one more thought Id like to throw out there. I am wondering if the slabber, which we used to slab some 36 - 48 " wide pine logs, puts way to much strain on the gearbox. Especially if the chain starts getting dull. Seems with a sharp circular blade it is no problem but the slabber has me thinking. 


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