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Best slabbing chain cleaner that I have found


I slabbed up two white oak logs this past weekend.  A total of 12 slabs, 10 feet long and average of 24" wide.  I used 2 chains and at the end of the day both had a lot of pitch/resin on them.  It was like a cured coating of polyurethane.  I tried kerosene, acetone, methyl alcohol, WD-40, and Goo-Gone.  None of them would cut through that film.  I was taking a razor blade to get it to come loose.

I then remembered that I had some Totally Awesome Cleaner that comes from Family Dollar and Dollar General.  I mixed some with water at about 20% ratio of cleaner.  I soaked the chains for around 30 minutes and I could brush them lightly with a brass brush and they came completely clean.  This stuff is $3.25 for a half gallon in my neck of the woods.  It is a great degreaser also.

might be worth a try on bandsaw blades


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