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WM wide heads

Started by KWood255, February 03, 2024, 09:56:00 AM

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Quote from: jpassardi on February 09, 2024, 07:03:07 AMSame here: my gasifier will take 30" but I went from cutting 24 to 18 for ease of handling. I don't really need the xtra capacity anyway.

Back on subject: definitely go wide, if nothing else you don't have to fight the guides past logs with carbunkles (intended misspelling smiley_smug01 ) and flares on them.
I'd love to see the details on your gasifier! That's a projects for another day. 


I assume the wide mill owners don't have wave problems while milling width capacity boards.  I have not read of any problems.  
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Do you need to use wider and thicker blade on a wide head?
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The wider apart your blade guides are the more susceptible your blade is to produce a wave when encountering knots, twisted grain, etc. same as with a non-wide.

Proper blade guide alignment, blade selection, sharp & properly set blades, proper drive belt tension, and sawing speed control are all paramount to reduce the possibility of wave problems, again, same as with a non-wide.  :thumbsup:
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It's real easy to saw too fast and make waves with a wide model when cutting wide cuts.  Once a sawyer gets used to slowing down a bit, flat cuts return. Don't ask how I know...  smiley_headscratch

It is better to run wider thicker blades generally.  I'm running 1.5" .045 thick blades and get better results than with 1.25" blades. 
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No regrets on getting the wide head. At the time it was only an $800 upgrade and worth every penny. 
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I'm going to be stretching my 2008 LT40HDD51WR to a widehead later this year, at whatever point my band stash and workload are at a low point concurrently. 

Interestingly, Wood-Mizer says the widehead has a 6" increased capacity, but the head is actually 6.5" wider, and the bands are 13" longer, not 12". 

I am just going enough wider to make mine a wide head, no more. I know someone who has an adjustable LT50 up to 47". That really is not what I'm after. I will find another way to tackle anything a wide head can't. 
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