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General Board / Re: The Weather 2022

« Last post by Ianab on Today at 12:46:53 AM »
It's supposed to be Spring here. Been a pretty mild Winter, the local ski field never got to open this year. 

But this morning we woke up to this. 




It was actually real snow. not the sleet / hail we often get. Didn't last long once the sun came out. But Spring snow down this low is practically unheard of. Our neighbours aren't locals, and I don't think they had ever seen snow falling, so they were pretty excited  :D 
General Board / Re: 7/16 OSB for panneling in man cave?

« Last post by barbender on Today at 12:04:55 AM »
I heard a local legend about a guy that worked in one of the OSB mills, he built a house and used OSB for EVERYTHING. Paneling, siding, even trim was strips of OSB🤦‍♂️
General Board / Re: Couldn't Resist

« Last post by barbender on Yesterday at 11:58:33 PM »
YH, not contending with salt is a major part of that. But I think PJ also changed their paint process, to blast, prime, and powder coat. My trailer is a 2014 model I think, and it had no primer. I have no issues with the quality of the trailer otherwise, it is very well built.

Boonesyard- I don't think they even sandblasted them first. 

Your activity cutting and loading that wood will draw deer almost like a pilenof corn, in my experience. They are curious and something about logging really puts them at ease🤷‍♂️
Ask The Forester / Re: Hiring A Forester

« Last post by barbender on Yesterday at 11:38:48 PM »
If you are in it's range, balsam fir excels at growing in an understory.
General Board / Re: Couldn't Resist

« Last post by YellowHammer on Yesterday at 11:38:38 PM »
Solar maintainer for the battery?  I like that.

It's interesting what you guys say about PJ's, I guess it must be the salt on the roads or something because I've had 4 of them, and the powder coat looked very nice when I sold them.  The oldest was just 7 years old, so not too old, but the black finish was intact and very nice looking.  Here in Alabama the state voted to not salt roads to prevent corrosion to vehicles, and maybe that's why the coatings still look very good after several years.  Good information though, I will remember it.

@WV Sawmiller 

You hit the nail right on the head as one reason I like selling exotics.  The short answer is exotic wood from a quality supplier will be 100% usable, zero defect, perfect.  There is no NHLA grader pushing out 86% FAS and there is nobody sending me 30% of boards 7 feet long when I order a pack of 8 footers.   

However, bad exotics dealers just like bad domestic wood suppliers will sell marginal grades, and since exotics don't follow NHLA grade rules, it can come in any width, length, and grade, no matter what the company says it is.  That's how to get ripped off, they send a pack or garbage, and once I get it, I own it.  I can't send it back.  Been there, done that.     

However, a good exotic dealer will sell only one grade of wood, and it's got a grade of "perfect" as hard as that is to believe.  Some very small percentage will have a few end splits, but otherwise no knots at all. n So when I buy exotics from a reliable dealer, it comes it with the grade of "WCL" as in Wide, Clear, and Long.  I should have taken a picture of the wood we got in earlier this week.  Mahogany 12" to 18" wide, zero knots, zero wane, 8 feet long and glows in the sun, zebra wood a little narrower, but perfect, sapele 16 feet long.  Perfect.  Some companies will send it rough sawn, some will send it skip planed.  It's actually rare to have a board that has a defect.

As an interesting side note, yesterday morning I ran out of FAS red oak, I have several thousand feet air drying, but sold the last KD I had.  So I called up my main supplier, the second largest hardwood dealer in the Southern US, and asked for FAS 4/4 KD red oak, 8 feet long.  That should have ben just about the most common and easy order for them to fill.  Their answer was "Sold out, but we do have some 12 footers, but that's it."  However they are getting a railcar of it in next week supposedly, so I am on the list to get some.  The point is that at least for this week, the second largest hardwood lumber dealer and distributer in the South was sold out of 8 foot long, 4/4 FAS red oak.  I didn't even get to ask the price, I guess I will find out next week if they get some in. 
General Board / Re: Farm auto body

« Last post by ljohnsaw on Yesterday at 11:18:01 PM »
Do any of you know it's purpose? It is upstream of the engine air filter box.
Isn't that where the chipmunks are supposed to build their nests? ;)  My A/C on my Tundra wasn't putting out well and the fan sounded funny.  It was full of shredded cedar bark and a plastic bag.  From sitting 3 or 4 days at my cabin project.
Chainsaws / Re: Groundie

« Last post by DHansen on Yesterday at 11:08:22 PM »
I am too old to be climbing into a tree and roped off.  My archery stand for hunting is enough of a challenge.  But I still like to learn and understand.  I'll be 60 next month.  So still plugging away, just being smart about my projects.
General Board / Re: 7/16 OSB for panneling in man cave?

« Last post by doc henderson on Yesterday at 10:54:29 PM »
over time some layers may peel.  we did some osb covered with 1/4 inch ERC.  may prime with Zinzer Kilz primer that is whit then paint.  






Forestry and Logging / Re: tigercat skidder keeps shutting off

« Last post by timberjack97 on Yesterday at 10:50:32 PM »
it says o volts
Sawmills and Milling / Re: HP rating woodmizer hydraulic pump motor

« Last post by Crossroads on Yesterday at 10:50:18 PM »
I donít know the rating, but I ordered one last week and was told the inventory shows negative 46.. glad the brush replacement got me back on the road. 
Forestry and Logging / Re: couple pics... post what your currently cutting

« Last post by barbender on Yesterday at 10:38:52 PM »
There's a pretty big $$$ difference between a new skidder, and a new CTL team. Idk what a skidder even costs now, but a new harvester and forwarder is going to cost you $1 million. I can't even fathom that😬 

Joe, I threw the $500K number out because that's the amount I've seen guys around here spend, and have a good reliable team. Actually I know of teams for sale for way less than that, that for the most part you could just cut. Yes there's still breakdowns, but the day in/day out reliability is very good. A lot of that is the newer heads are just a lot better built. 

Forestry and Logging / Re: hauling logs

« Last post by BargeMonkey on Yesterday at 10:20:35 PM »
 Are you pounding the truck ? Easy in and out ? Freighting the truck all the time ? That's where 200 a load can be good and bad. Around here guys are pushing 150hr on everything, lowboy, triaxle, truck pup. Fuel, tires, insurance, depends how the mill treats you. Couple ripped hoses on a bad log pile and a busted tire you've made nothing real quick for the day. 
Sawmills and Milling / Re: Mildew

« Last post by YellowHammer on Yesterday at 10:19:42 PM »
Yes, outside, under cover, open sides, 42" or 48" barrel fans.  I use 2 per 8 foot pack.  You should feel a 20 degree temperature drop on the downwind side.  There is so much moisture coming out, it should be done outside to clear the moisture.  

This will keep the mold off and will dry the wood in a very short time, as in a couple weeks, or at least dry enough to not need the airflow anymore.  At that point, take the fans off and use them on the next stack.  Put them on as soon as the wood is sawn.

Iím hoping to drive up Saturday.My little grandson has been sick and have been helping with him.Maybe see some of you there.Wishing I had a Forestry forum hat or something to be recognized.I could say be on the lookout for an old,bald ,ugly guy but Iím probably not the only one  :laugh:
General Board / Re: Farm auto body

« Last post by Don P on Yesterday at 10:04:16 PM »
I think I'll have to stick to dumb cars for some time. There's some time in it but only about $200 so far.

The dimmer the roads get, the more hats you wear  :). Now if she hadn't been flustered at bagging her limit out of season we could have swapped between banging dents and butchering in the backyard  :D
The Outdoor Board / Re: Did You know - outdoor edition

« Last post by WV Sawmiller on Yesterday at 10:02:23 PM »
   Did you know a handy way to carry corn/feed or such to a remote feeder or other location is to split the feed (normally sold in 50 lb bags) into 2 separate bags, tie the ends together and carry them across your ATV seat or your shoulder like a saddlebag.

  I have one feeder I have to transport feed several hundred yards up and across a hill to a shooting house. I made up two "saddlebags" out of 2- 50 lb bags of whole corn and took the first up to my shooting house with the feeder which mounts with a simple twist on the  15 gallon plastic barrel there hung on a cable between 2 trees. I am really late int he season getting them put out but there is so much acorn and beech mast in the woods now I don't think the corn will attract them much till later in the season anyway. When I got there I found a tree fell this summer and broke my cable and pulled the eyebolt out of the poplar tree it was in. I staged the corn and feeder unit in my raised shooting house and hope the coons and squirrels don't do too much damage but the deer, turkeys and bears can't get into it. I went home and gathered some tools, cable and got my climbing tree stand but then had to cancel because my wife came out and wanted to go early to an eye appointment. I am sawing tomorrow so hopefully I can get the feeder re-hung Friday before I have to leave for Ohio for the Paul Bunyun show.
Forestry and Logging / Re: hauling logs

« Last post by nativewolf on Yesterday at 10:01:40 PM »
We contract out all our trucking and I think you are a bit low too.  $250-75 would be fine i think.  We do 350 for a 30 mile haul but that's a semi so a bit more footage.  The cost is in the loading time.  We also do 1-2 loads a day on that route or "lane" so the companies like to keep a truck at our lot.  That matters.

$50 a load x2 a day would be 20k in your pocket if you did this full time 200 days a year.  Put that into the retirement account, do that 10 years and you'll be able to retire early.
General Board / Re: Farm auto body

« Last post by nativewolf on Yesterday at 09:54:54 PM »
Wow, that's just theft it seems to me.

Neat project Don, thanks for sharing.  Interesting you don't just do houses, logging equipment, farm equipment, sawmills, engineering...but you fix deer damage
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