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Timber Framing/Log construction / News from VT

« Last post by Don P on Today at 10:00:11 PM »
I got an email yesterday from Dr Woeste of VA Tech. He sent several pdf's and some news.

One that might be of interest is details for balcony design with dimensional lumber and wood I joists. Some of the detailing and thinking applies to any balcony though.

Next is an article he co-authored on lumber grading.

There was an APA update on shear decreases and remedies related to overdriven fasteners in sheathing, a chronic problem. I can post it if anyone is interested but the easy thing to remember is DON'T OVERDRIVE Fasteners in Sheathing! Adjust your gun to drive sheathing nails flush, it's ok to have to whack a few home with your hammer rather than sinking the majority too deep.

There is a new version of the Supplement to the NDS, Design Values for Wood Construction that was published in March. There have been some changes and I have not been through the new document but will update the calcs as I have time. After a quick look at the addendum I do have some issues with the direction they are going with some of the species combinations and complexity they are putting onto designers and inspections. I've sent my concerns to the ALSC in the past and wrote to Dr Woeste last night. On more than one job I've had multiple countries of origin for the same species. While helping another contractor get dried in not long ago I counted 5 countries of origin for #2 NSPR/SCP, each with a different set of design values. The contractor was unaware that he was not using SPF as the plans called for much less that he had that many different (weaker) substitutions going on. I've had as many as 9 countries of origin on one of my jobs. Designers, builders and inspectors are completely unaware of what they are working with. Not a good situation. We agreed. Hopefully the powers that be will listen and simplify things in the next update. One of my comments that was forwarded is this.
Grading and gradestamps are kind of irrelevant if it doesn't key the person back to a simply understood relatively small and straightforward set of load and span tables.

 For us I'll double check that our domestics remained unchanged. One thing that has changed on that front is SPF and SPF(s) have a new combined grade stamp, check your stamps and if you see that combination stamp be aware that it carries new design values.
General Board / Re: Linus checks out Starlink

« Last post by Ianab on Today at 09:59:40 PM »
Dishy McFlatface to become ?fully mobile,? allowing Starlink use away from home | Ars Technica

Currently the starlink base station needs to stay put, but by end of year you should be able to move it around (more satellites and a software update coming) 

Dishy McFlatface  :D
Sawmills and Milling / Re: Rail for rails? Old circ mill

« Last post by Iwawoodwork on Today at 09:47:24 PM »
I have an old unassembled wood husk circle mill that came with small RXR  or ore cart style rails. The unit came from a an old commercial setup from Crescent, OR. The carriage wheels are shaped to fit the rails,  Carriage about 12 feet long it has 3 or 4 axles.  I would think that most shapes  would work as long as the carriage wheels were shaped to fit. Trains stay on the rails most of the time.
The Outdoor Board / Re: Did You know - outdoor edition

« Last post by WV Sawmiller on Today at 09:38:01 PM »
   I knew this thread would get around to food sooner or later but did not know it would a mater eating shepherd in Kansas. :D
General Board / Re: Standing in the need of Prayer

« Last post by doc henderson on Today at 09:34:57 PM »
I am praying for his comfort and peace.
General Board / Re: traversing a slope on an excavator / trackhoe

« Last post by florida on Today at 09:33:19 PM »
Seriously? You got very lucky and didn't kill yourself so you're going to try again? How about hiring someone who knows what they're doing so you don't die over some stupid holes? You aren't going to learn how to operate an excavator on the internet.
Chainsaws / Re: Stihl Mtronic, vapor lock, die on idle

« Last post by doc henderson on Today at 09:30:54 PM »
if the problem existed, it should still be under warranty  I guess it depends on how much your time is worth.
Sawmills and Milling / Re: Anyone cutting Aspen?

« Last post by Joe Hillmann on Today at 09:29:12 PM »
I think aspen is the same or very similar as what is called popple around here.

It makes a nice white wood with very little grain.  It machines beautifully.  It can be brought to a high polish.  Once dry it remains straight.

It can be brittle and is very easy to split with fasteners.  It begins to rot very quickly in one summer it can go from a freshly cut log, to, getting kind of punkey.  Any tree that is over about 12-14 inches in diameter will probably have started to rot in the center so it is hard to get good big logs.

It has a smell to it.  If you have never spent much time around a beaver pond, it smells like cherry or something fruity.  If you have spent much time around a beaver pond it smells like poop.
General Board / Re: Standing in the need of Prayer

« Last post by Magicman on Today at 09:25:30 PM »
My Prayer is for Healing Grace for Mr. Billy.
General Board / Re: Reclaimed beam. What grade to use?

« Last post by Don P on Today at 09:14:04 PM »
Hmm, that table doesn't mean your reclaimed beam is that grade. There are a couple of assumptions that were sketchy as well. Sleeping rooms are the only 30 psf load, otherwise residential is 40psf+10psf dead load. Balconies are typically 60psf Live Load + 10psf DL. Recheck  ;).
Sawmills and Milling / Re: Logmaster LM5

« Last post by trimguy on Today at 09:13:59 PM »
I donít have an answer for you, just wanted to say ďwelcome ď.
Chainsaws / Re: Stihl Mtronic, vapor lock, die on idle

« Last post by trapper on Today at 09:13:22 PM »
I took my 261 cm to another dealer and they tested it and said nothing wrong.  Used it today and sometimes dosent start.  let it sit a while and it starts.  No problems with the 241cm.  Orginal dealer kept runing me around until it now is out of waranty.  Second dealer quoted me $75 for mtronic repair kit.  Includes fuel solenoid and fuel filter.  Echo is looking better all the time.
General Board / Re: Standing in the need of Prayer

« Last post by Wudman on Today at 09:11:10 PM »
My family could use your prayers. My Father in Law, Mr. Billy, has been sick for the last few weeks.  They finally did a CT scan and found a mass on his pancreas and lesions on his liver.  His enzymes are out of whack.  It is probably cancer and things are shutting down.  Please pray for his comfort.  

General Board / Re: traversing a slope on an excavator / trackhoe

« Last post by Dave Shepard on Today at 09:08:59 PM »
You could probably hire someone to do the percs for the same money as the rental. I got a lot of work for my Kubota backhoe because I was the same money as a rental with trucking per day, and you didn't have to hire me to come back and fix the mess you made when you rented the machine yourself. 
Firewood and Wood Heating / Re: scare last night

« Last post by ihookem on Today at 09:02:44 PM »
Nice Wisconsin buck. 
General Board / Re: traversing a slope on an excavator / trackhoe

« Last post by moodnacreek on Today at 08:59:06 PM »
When I am scared I dig steps in front of me and drive up on them one at a time. If you can control the swing you can reach out and counter balance your self also. You need time on the machine to take chances.
Sawmills and Milling / Need some help beam milling

« Last post by Colin52 on Today at 08:45:50 PM »
I have a Haddon lumbermaker and husky 365 that's doing well, but thereís a few things Iím hoping someone has tips to improve.  I am a bit frustrated with nailing and remailing the board to logs(the nail either bends or comes through the board when I try to pry it or the board off), screws are hard to deal with because the head fills with sawdust.  I was thinking of some kind of clamping option for the board.  

I can do pretty well freehand if I have a line to follow, but a chalkline doesn't seem to mark well on bark, and if I drawknife a line it's wet and slippery and doesn't hold a mark well.  I was tempted to get a grease pencil but it also seems hard to follow a line because the sawdust covers it.  

Held at the right angle, the regular chain I'm using works quite well, but I asked the local husky dealer if they had ripping chain in stock, and they said they did and sold me something called "super rapid" Stihl chain.  Iím trying to figure out now just what I bought and how to sharpen it, because there's some flatness involved.  Trying to get my phone to cooperate so I can link a photo from a gallery I havenít figured out yet.

Anyways, with the lead times on sawmills and being able to cut in place, I'm liking this type of milling well enough.  I'm not at all sure this super rapid chain is a ripping chain, but all the advertising is about how aggressive and kickback prone it is, so it sounds dangerous and powerful.  I'm interested to report back how this chain performs compared to a standard husky chain.  I'll have to take a likely log, probably will be hickory or white oak, and compare the time it takes to rip down each end with the different chains.  I don't know enough to know if there is any change in "resistance" when sawing towards the former top and bottom of the tree or if it would be enough to throw off the results.  I haven't tried it but I would have to reattach the lumbermaker anyway so it should be possible to run up the log in the same direction, only the saw would be hanging out in space rather than over the board.  

Thanks in advance for your advice and tips!

Iíll add that Iím often working in one of my little valley's where I don't have signal, but I'll be back to read and reply whenever I can.  Thank you,

Iíve been blessed with a beautiful 30 acre property in Hyde Park, NY. I have two boys, ages 10 and 9, and there are a few brothers in my church who have kids the same age that I want to invite into this delicious idea that I have.

Iím hoping to find someone out there who has a passion for the woods this summer. A professional with experience. Someone who loves kids and is willing to teach them, and their fathers. Iím thinking of planing for maybe 2 Saturdays. They would be paid days, food and drink would be provided. I have several goals in mind for these 2 days.

  • Learning about felling trees
  • Learning how to Identify different species
  • Tagging the entire property by type
  • Learning how to stack and dry wood
  • Get hands on some of the different tools of the trade
  • Maybe even work in a few games: ax throwing

If you are seriously interested in something like this and are in the area, please private message me and we can discuss a fair price and work out the finer details. I look forward to hearing from you!
Just an update on my boiler report from 2014. I have 12 yrs in now in my EKO 25 . I have a few problems but not bad.  I have had had 2  leaks so far and all on the same fitting. I fixed it the first time and I didnt do a good job. The second time I fixed it last yr. and no problems. It is a good boiler and easy on the wood but it is a fussy boiler. I had my second controller get funny on me . It reads 215 degrees and shuts down , thinking it is over heating. 
Sawmills and Milling / Re: Sawing large walnut on lt40

« Last post by offrink on Today at 08:33:39 PM »
Not sure of the market by you but 36Ē wide live edge black walnut 10/4 8í long is something like $1k/slab. Book ended should reach $2200. Black walnut is pretty niche around here and not many are buying it but the ones that do want big thick slabs. 
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