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FOOD! FOOD! FOOD! / Re: Watcha Growing

« Last post by mike_belben on Today at 01:11:39 AM »
That is one OCD garden buddy!  I cant imagine the hours u got in there. 

Doc make sure you dry your egg shells thoroughly then smash them up and turn into the finest dust you can.  Some people grind em in a blender, ive used two chunks of concrete before but its tedious no matter which way.  Youll get very little immediate relief in there from sidedressing eggshells.. The roots must be in contact and very little will wash in. 

I bought some products for troubleshooting today and there are quite a few liquid micronutrient concoctions on the shelf for under $10.  You could have issue with calcium, iron, boron deficiency, boron toxicity, magnesium, aluminum toxicity.  Theyll all kinda create similar chlorosis thatll take experimenting to cure.  Ive killed a few plants on youtube fixes thats for sure. 

 Ive finally learned my lesson.. Pay the 9 bucks for a soil analysis BEFORE planting and ammend as directed for that specific crop.  Way too much of my beautiful looking compost has only grown disappointment.  each year the winners and losers are a surprise, just when i think i got it down.  
Forestry and Logging / Re: 548E John Deere skidder

« Last post by mike_belben on Today at 12:57:35 AM »
That i dont know.  Im a mechanic who only pretends to log from time to time. Never run a skidder.
Im surprise no one has mentioned kudzu.  

Some of you may be old enough to remember when soviet "scientists" were reaching out to the west regarding the coming global ice age that no one was really scared of.  Fyi.. No one got to reach outside the iron curtain without saying precisely what they were instructed to say, for deceptive purposes.  

Few probably realize that gorbachev was in san francisco immediately after the "fall of communism" creating green cross international, a global warming wealth transfer system.  Go back and study the work of lenin and mao if youve forgotten.. Our enemies get the resources to fight us.. From us. Does the weather change.. Absolutely?  Can sending money to soviet front organizations change the weather?  Never.   Does anyone recall the climate data cooking scandals from the university of east anglia?  Look deeper and youll find a thoroughly marxist university doing what marxists do.  Working to undermine western society any way they can. 

Read the wikipedia page on "entryism" for a light primer on how the world really works.  And if you want a laugh look up Mathias Rust.  The boy who just so happened to fly his cessna across soviet territory during an intensely strained nuclear era without being shot down, and land in the heart of the worlds most policed police state on a bridge that just so happened to have the powerlines down for that one afternoon.. Odd that it took 2 hours for him to be arrested, but not so odd that his flight did such a fine job of creating the impetus for gorbachev to eliminate critical rivals.  Why?  Because its a setup.  Like everything else out of russia and china.  Is it coincidence that theyve been so exceptional at using social media platforms for conducting warfare in accordance with the gerasimov doctrine, and that mikhail gorbachev moved from the san francisco presidio to northeastern university in boston at the same time mark zuckerburg was at harvard linking campuses?  Im not saying zuckerburg is a red, im saying reds are excellent at finding tools and maximizing their potential as proxy weapons with plausible deniability.   If we get hysterical at covid, then they will produce more of it.  If we are getting hooked on opioid prescriptions from routine surgery and turning to street heroin, theyll send more fentanyl.  We will pay them for our own overdose.  It is brilliant. 

Politics is warfare.  Infiltration and deception are major parts of warfare.  Harry dexter white was the assistant US secretary of the treasury and worked for stalin.  He wrote the charters for the world bank, the international monetary fund and was our rep at the bretton woods conference and was a red. We know this,  Yet we still kept everything he did and gave up our sovereignty to fall under it. 

Yes, you need a savior, but govt is surely not it.  And neither are carbon credits.  Look into the founder of greenpeace, patrick moore, who had to quit in 1986 because his organization was infiltrated and overrun by leftists with a different agenda.  

When i was a kid we said the pledge of allegiance, boys had boy parts and carbon was a building block of life.  When i was a punk kid growing pot in the closet, i proved beyond a shadow of any doubt that those plants couldnt get enough CO2 but they sure could get too little.  And as an adult today i know that co2 and pollinators are two things we would starve without.  Anyone who tells me otherwise is a trojan horse.  But we are spraying imidacloprid on everything except the ticks. 

Oh and steel beams dont melt from JP5 and office products in a billowing black sooty smolder either.  A hundred men with oxygen lances and labounty shears couldnt take those buildings down that fast.  A thermite demolition is pretty hard to mistake if you know what youre lookin at and are simply honest and rational with ones self. 

Cliffnotes.  America lost the last of its mind right around the time that bruce jenner scored woman of the year. 
Forestry and Logging / Re: 548E John Deere skidder

« Last post by Hogdaddy on Today at 12:39:20 AM »
Yeah, I don't see anything wrong with the transmission... the grapple seems a little weak when lifting, but I'm not for sure because I've never been around any other grapple skidder. Like it seems to strain it some to pick up a tree with 500 ft in it. It will pick it up, but you can't just grab it and go.  Single arch.  Is that normal?
Health and Safety / Re: Just the Facts, the Crown virus.

« Last post by Ianab on Today at 12:37:54 AM »
We will be fine...I hope!
Hope so too, odds are on your side. 

The majority of folks that catch it only get mild or "flu" symptoms, although they can hang around for a while. That's part of why it's so difficult to stamp out, some people can be carrying it and not even know. Then they go out for dinner and wham, 5 more cases. 

Self isolating out at the mill is a good plan.  ;)

It's the 5-10% that get it bad and end up in hospital that is the worrying part. 
General Woodworking / Re: Casket building

« Last post by low_48 on Today at 12:31:03 AM »
I love 4 generation photos. Sorry for your loss. 
General Board / Re: Almost spilled my coffee

« Last post by Ianab on Today at 12:27:45 AM »
Farm where I grew up was in the foothills around the base of the Mt, so the Air force would use if for low level terrain hugging practice. Hide from radar under the hills etc.  A couple of times I've been out raking hay and had a couple of C130 transports sneak up behind me. Going full noise at about 200ft.  :o

Like you say, you look at the tractor and rake trying to figure out the weird noise, then WOOSH.  :D. I bet the pilots would have chuckled too "Watch this guy on the tractor up ahead jump".

Then there are the places where it's a tourist attraction to stand under low flying jets :D

And yes we've done it.  ;D
Forestry and Logging / Re: 548E John Deere skidder

« Last post by mike_belben on Today at 12:06:03 AM »
Start by checking for sump strainers that may be restricted and causing pump cavitation in each system.  Svc manual should call them out.  

Does everything appear to work at full strength so to speak?
Forestry and Logging / Re: 208 tj hydraulic pressure

« Last post by mike_belben on Today at 12:03:48 AM »
On the other hand my lawn mower has 2 pumps and 6 spools so maybe i do get a little carried away. 


Alternative methods and solutions / Re: Lichtenberg

« Last post by WV Sawmiller on Yesterday at 11:55:31 PM »

   I just meet him at our local flea market and never been to his house which is 20-25 miles from me. I will ask him if he has a picture or try to get one of it if I'm ever there. I think his wife will be buying some basswood from me soon.
Sawmills and Milling / Re: EZ Boardwalk - Axle

« Last post by reinela on Yesterday at 11:53:11 PM »
I spent the money for the blade sharpener and bought a tooth setter from another mill company. It took me over an hour to sharpen and reset a blade. With practice I'm sure I could shave that time down. However, I found a blade sharpening service that charges about $6 per blade, so I just wait until I have about 12 or more blades to sharpen and send them off. New blades run $25 - $45. I stick with the $25 blades from Timberwolf and have been very happy with the performance. So if yiu plan to do a lot of sawing I would just use a sharpening service.
Chainsaws / Re: Broken bar

« Last post by barbender on Yesterday at 11:52:02 PM »
I've broken few like that. One memorable instance, I was cutting up through a log in a pile, when I came through the log I hit the tip on the bottom of the next one and got a pretty good kickback. Broke the sprocket just like that. I also learned at that time that Windsor 3/8 replacement bar noses are getting really hard to find🤷‍♂️😁
Forestry and Logging / Re: 208 tj hydraulic pressure

« Last post by mike_belben on Yesterday at 11:50:51 PM »
My favorite thing about old equipment is drilling welding and threading on or off of it whatever i desire.  When youve got the title you make your own rules. 
Sawmills and Milling / Re: Basswood

« Last post by Walnut Beast on Yesterday at 11:48:49 PM »
Your one heck of a peeler Greenhorn 😂. 
Sawmills and Milling / Re: Whatcha Sawin' 2020 ??

« Last post by WV Sawmiller on Yesterday at 11:45:35 PM »
  I had a very long but productive day. My neighbor kid/helper left me hanging but I muddled through. Loaded up yesterday and got to customer site 17 miles away by 0700. I had to slow down for a big male peacock in the road about 2 miles from the site. Beautiful location on top of a mountain and many layers of mountains available. He says he can see mountains in Virginia over 100 miles away on a clear day. He lives in a tree house about 10-12 feet above ground. Neat arrangement for the house to flex when the trees move. He says on a real stormy day you can almost get seasick. Great level, graveled spot in the shade ! Wow! His dad came about an hour later and helped stack and load logs. Very good client help.


 Good log pile - mostly ash. His buddy showing off. Some bad checking like the log in front by the cant hook but still got a good return of 2"X 3" strips he wanted.


 I am pretty sure these 2 pix are box elder. If you can confirm or correct me please chime in. This is the first box elder I have sawn and it sawed really good.

 A 16' ash with lots of curve became 10/4 LE for benches on his deck. I sawed a small 8' ash into 3X3s for posts.


 Assorted pieces including 2- beams (6X12X15 & 2X10X 12) which pump up your bf return pretty quick.

 And the Box Elder boards.

Finished 1207 bf by 1:00 pm then drove about 1.5 miles to his neighbor (a repeat customer) and sawed till after 7:00 pm on an hourly job. Many small scrappy logs including locust posts to saw into 4"X 4" and 2- 6"X 10" beams (the first out of a 15' crooked ash - I felt like a magician to pull that one off!)

 Pretty rough looking logs - yes that's the same dog. This customer and previous are friends and dad is partners in a business with this client and his dog came with him when they brought the big Branson tractor they co-own. No completed picture as client stack on the tractor forks and hauled them away as soon as he had a load so I billed it as an hourly job. Total for the 2 jobs, using my average sawing rate and engine hours for the 2nd job, was just under 1800 bf for the day.

I loaded up and took the mill to another site about 5 miles away where I will saw 4 nice walnut logs tomorrow then move again to saw some for me. I swapped the lady a 5X8 trailer load of short slabwood pieces for kindling for a walnut tree about 16" dbh and 3-4 logs. I'll unload the kindling tomorrow and saw the walnut and load on the trailer then pick it up this weekend when I go to the flea market.

The first job was a guy who met me and got my card at the flea market earlier this year, his partner piggy-backed on the sawing while I was nearby, the one tomorrow I met at the flea market and is a repeat customer and the lady who swapped the walnut for the kindling met me at the flea market a few weeks ago. As I have mentioned those trips are mostly advertising but they pay off in such work in the future - sometimes near, sometime far.
FOOD! FOOD! FOOD! / Re: Perogis on the griddle.

« Last post by Walnut Beast on Yesterday at 11:37:05 PM »
Sounds really good 
Sawmills and Milling / Re: Ez Boardwalk

« Last post by reinela on Yesterday at 11:35:04 PM »

Run mine with wheels off, takes about an hour to remove axle and level. It keeps mill lower to the ground. If you google EZ Boardwalk pictures, you can find one with trailer jacks added to allow leveling with wheels on. As Troy C said, 40" between rails, but I think blade will raise a max of about 34" for first cut. 34 " is max cut width anyway. As far as shipping goes I was only 3 hours from their shop so I drive to pick mine up. You can ask Stanton about shipping options.
General Woodworking / Re: FLattening live edge slabs with CNC router

« Last post by Downstream on Yesterday at 11:30:09 PM »
I did not get one but still research for future purchase possibly.  Life has taken a few crazy twists since this post so I have been side tracked for the time being having sold my sawmill, shop, most live edge slabs,etc. All of my woodworking equipment is sitting in a storage unit for the past 6 months.  That is the short version.

Back to the cnc routers.  With continued research today I would buy either a camaster stinger I  or Axiom Ar6 or 8.  I have seen both operate and they are more heavy duty than most larger tabletop units.  Stinger probably a little more HD than Axiom but both better than most.  Axiom cones std with liquid cooled spindle vs extra cost on stinger.  Also spindle for either requires 220v power so that could help you decide if not available.  I would still like to do slab flattening but more use would be for signs and other customization of woodworking items.  I dropped the digital wood carver because it seemed like it was in a class just below the other two for robust design.  

Are you thinking about buying one these days?  I also would have to decide whether I'm back in the sawmill business or just going to buy rough and live edge from other local sources and process them.
General Woodworking / Re: White Oak Table In The Works

« Last post by Brad_bb on Yesterday at 11:24:26 PM »
But did you remember how much time it took to make/build? Non woodworkers have no concept of how much work it is to build some of these things.  Too often we forget and too readily say yes when we should say no.
General Woodworking / White Oak Table In The Works

« Last post by firefighter ontheside on Yesterday at 11:18:52 PM »
My cousin asked me to build him a table based on a table I built about 10 years.  It has the legs extending all the way thru to the top.  The first one I built with yellow pine, but this one will be white oak.  The top is about 1 1/8" thick and the legs are 3 1/2".  It is 72" long and 42" wide.  Legs will held on with hanger bolts.


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