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Do you have trees to grow? Logs to saw? A forest to manage? Chainsaws to fix? A sawmill to purchase or maintain? Timber related business to run? Lumber to dry? Trees or plants to identify? A cabin to build? Are you hungry and like FOOD?

Or would you just like to pull up a stump and visit with a friend?
If any of these and a multitude of other topics apply, then The Forestry Forum is the place for you.

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I use both but over time lean more toward using conventional, I see a lot of people say you waste wood as you take a notch from what will be the Butt of the log, I disagree on it wasting wood, a conventional notch allows to get lower on the stump making up for the face notch loss.
Humboldt definitely leaves it look neater IMO thoughRead More

I changed the fuel filter on my Kubota l3240
It's a cartridge type
The tractor started right up and runs good but when you step on the hydro pedal it stalls right out.
It feels like a fuel issue
What should I be looking for ?
Thanks in advance

Interested in folks who have experience with the LX250. Really the only bad thing I've heard about it is that the blade wheel size leaves you with a tradeoff - when you're really using the width capacity you can use a 0.055 for the smoothest cut and expect blades to break prematurely, or use a thinner blade and accept some wavy cuts. And you're limited to narrower blades based on the housing/roller design and lower HP motor.Read More

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Many years ago I saw a horizontal slab shaver for sale on Sawmill Exchange. It was a slow speed, low hp (10 hp 3 phase) setup that would have been at the end of a conveyor. I have never been able to find another, and was wondering if anyone here had heard of them. I know there are Salsco machines today,...

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Been about a year since I posted on here. A lot has happened ----- tore a tenon off the bone on my right arm last year --- had surgery and lost some mobility in it -- not much just 5% but enough to know I'm not the same. Still having to rehab the arm some.

Wife - who runs the mill more than me -- had surgery and has about 3 more months to go on recovery ---- I'm seeing that as much as I feel young -- our bodies say different. Read More

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