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Title: MOVED: Chainsaw fuel help please
Post by: Jeff on February 10, 2019, 10:00:51 AM
This topic has been moved to Chainsaws ( (

The Technical support board is for problems regarding the ability to use the Forestry Forum, not for equipment issues or anything like that. It would be most helpful if established members help direct new members if they see something like this. A question on chainsaw gas isn't going to get diddly squat of a reply in this board. Rather than answering it here, it is more helpful to guide the member to where they will get the most bang for their proverbial buck.

Same goes when new members get on and post a wanted ad or for sale ad in other places of the forum. If they are skirting around forum rules, tell them or Tell an admin!! Don't post a helpful thoughtful answer to help facilitate the breaking of forum rules. I've had members try and help out a Chinese spammer before.