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Started by weimedog, May 14, 2024, 01:34:13 AM

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Switching things up in life, moving away from live stock & hay, moving towards firewood & chainsaw as a hobby again.
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We got the same thing going on. Or close to it anyways.  I'm not milking cows nor selling hogs any more. I sold half my farm to my daughter and I'm concentrating most of my time on my firewood business.   Still doing a little logging but that's mainly to get the very cheap firewood poles. 

Ive already noticed several times the firewood don't need fed or mucked out, it never seems to get out of the wood lot and get where it ain't supposed to be and when I go to load it it don't often run to the far end of the pasture.

Whole different way of working.  Feels like I'm on vacation half the time.   On top of that I like making firewood and so far I'm selling what I can produce.   The trick is going to be balance.
I hope it goes as well for you weimedog.
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I have finally emptied the bed to make it useable on mine  :uhoh: Switched to e saws for most firewood and was able to fit them into a small toolbox hanging off the back or can be moved to the front also. Now just need to build a polesaw mount. Having time to do what you want is the best part of retirement.

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There's parts of the cow-calf business I miss but most of it I don't.   Mine turned into the sawmill business.

We lease our farm to a neighbor.  It's kind of nice not worrying too much about fence and calling him when his cows are out.  
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And then I finally got tired of the cow/calf lease situation, removed all of my cross fences, and planted trees. 
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And here my new South Pol bull arrived this morning. He is out of Teddy Gentrys lines. 
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