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Timber Framing Hand Tools for Sale
(Updated 3/29/2020-PM-57,917
Here is a list of tools currently available for sale.

We can take credit card payments over the phone. For phone number send an email.

These tools have been cleaned, sharpen, honed, and "some" have had handles replaced with new strike end rings.

Tools for sale


3" Beatty----------$185-4Q

Corner Chisels

1" Union-----------$85-4X
1" PS&W-----------$95-4Y

Framing Chisels

3/4"---Paring chisel -new handle & ring--$60-7Q**+ (not restored)
1" Unreadable label----------------------------$80-15N-4
1 7/8" Butcher-----------------------------------$80-17H-3
1 15/16" unreadable----------------------------$90-18i-2
1 7/8" Anvil Trade-------------------------------$100-18M-1
9/16" Mix-firmer chisel--------------------------$60-19E-13
3/8" Mix-firmer chisel---------------------------$55-19F-14
1" Hart--------------------------------------------$75-19T-3
1 3/4" Unreadable-------------------------------$105-20B-1
1" Ausable----------------------------------------$80-20D-1
2" Sargent----------------------------------------$100-20G-4
2" GreenLee-firmer-------------------------------$85-20i-6
1 1/2" Essex firmer chisel------------------------$85-20K-2
2" Lakeside chisel---------------------------------$90-20M-4
1 3/4" PS&W--------------------------------------$85-20Q-4
1" Union tool----------------------------------------$70-20T-1
1 1/8" Unreadable---------------------------------$70-21A-3
2" Underhill-----------------------------------------$115-21F-5
2" PS&W chisel-------------------------------------$90-21G-1
1 1/2" Hubbard-Curtiss chisel---------------------$95-21i-3
1 1/2" Buck-----------------------------------------$65-21J-1
1 1/2" G.I.Mix--------------------------------------$100-21K-2
1 1/2" GreenLee------------------------------------$85-21L-3
1" Union---------------------------------------------$70-21M-4
1 1/2" PS&W bench chisel--------------------------$60-21N-5
1 1/2" Witherby-------------------------------------$100-21O-6a
1 1/2" Witherby-------------------------------------$90-21P-7b
1 1/2" Hubbardtson---------------------------------$80-21Q-1
1 1/2" Witherby-------------------------------------$85-21R-2
2" Butcher-------------------------------------------$90-221S-3

We also sell new leather sheaths/tip protectors for the above chisels and slicks.

Here is a list of Sheaths currently available for sale.

Sheathes/Tip protectors Price List 2-5-2020

Plain Leather #102.5............. $18
Plain Leather #104................ $22

I hope you will take advantage of this offer, these are nice leather sheaths.
If you would like a photo of a sheath, and your email program will accept pictures, I can send you one, just let me know. I have created an album and photos are there of all the sheaths. Here is a link to the album in my gallery:
Click here for link the Sheaths photo Gallery

Larger shots have been taken of each and they are available to be emailed to you.
All prices do not include shipping costs. Shipping to most areas is $3.75 for one sheath.
$8.20 flat rate box for up to three sheaths. More than three sheaths will require a shipping quote.

Draw Knives

9" Hubardston--------$90-4N
8" Wilkinson----------$95-4R

Boring Machines

All boring machines have been cleaned, inspected, repaired if needed, and tested to insure that work properly, and have been oiled and are ready to bore holes.

Miller Falls-------------$775-H11
Miller Falls-------------$900-K11

Boring Machine Bits

All boring machine bits been cleaned, inspected, repaired if needed, sharpened and tested to insure they work properly, and have been oiled and are ready to bore holes.

1 5/8"-----------18R-J-$30
1 5/8" bit--------------26V-4-$35
2 1/8" bit--------------26Y-3-$40
1 3/4" bit--------------27D-8-$30
2 1/4" bit--------------29S-22-$35
5/8" Bit (Snell)---------37S-4-$30
1 1/4" Bit---------------38S-2-$30
13/16" Bit--------------39G-10**-$45
1 3/4" Bit-----------------40J-3-$35
1 7/8" Bit-------------------40Y-3-$30
1 1/4" Bit---------------41O-10-$30
7/8" Bit-------------------41Z-3-$35
2" Bit-fine thread--------42C-1-$50
1 1/4" Bit----------------42Q-4-$30
2" Bit-fine thread--------42T-2-$50
1 3/4" Bit-fine thread----42U-3-$45
15/16" Bit---------------42Z-1-$40
1 3/16" Bit--------------43A-2-$30
1 3/4" Bit----------------43D-5-$40
1 3/4" Bit----------------43i-4-$45
2" Bit--------------------43K-6-$35
2" Bit--------------------43L-7-$45
15/16" Bit---------------43M-8-$30
1 7/8" Bit----------------43O-10-$45
1 1/4" Bit----------------43P-11-$30
2" Bit--------------------43R-13-$45
2" Bit--------------------43S-14-$45
2" Bit--------------------43T-15-$45
2" Bit--------------------43U-16-$40
2" Bit--------------------43V-17-$45
1 3/4" Bit----------------43X-2-$40
2" Bit---------------------43Y-3-$45
1 1/4" Bit-----------------43Z-4-$40
1 1/8" Bit-----------------44i-6-$30
2" Bit----------------------44J-7-$40
1 1/2" Bit (short with spurs)-44K-8-$40
1" Owl bit------------------44L-1-$55
1" Owl bit------------------44M-2-$55
1" Owl bit------------------44N-3-$55
2" Bit-----------------------44O-4-$45
1 1/2" Irwin Bit-----------44O-2-$55
1 1/2" Irwin Bit-----------44R-3-$55
1 1/2" Irwin Bit-----------44S-4-$55
1 1/2" Irwin Bit-----------44T-5-$55
1 1/2" Owl Bit-------------44U-6-$65
1 1/2" Owl Bit-------------44V-7-$65
1 1/2" Owl Bit-------------44W-8-$65
1 1/2" Owl Bit-------------44X-9-$65
1 1/2" Owl Bit-------------44Y-10-$65
1" Bit-----------------------44Z-11-$30


Spoke shaves, other planes and other tools:
Strops-(2 1/2"X9 1/2")-----------------------$10-M135
Borneman layout template--$145-M160**
Miller Falls depth stop---------------------sold out
Broad Hatchet handle----------------------$10-M293**
Swan/Snell boring machine dept stop------sold out
Yellowstone stropping compound-----------$15-M301
Timberframers layout tape measure--------$25-M354**
Tenon checker tool---------------------$75-M474**
Test pin---------------------------------(sold out)
Craftsman block plane---------------------$30-M527**
Block plane--------------------------------$27-M533**
Audel's book set-1951--------------------$46-M553**
Peg hole mirror-----------------------------$27-M556**
Bit brace---------------------------------------$25-M575**
Bit brace---------------------------------------$22-M576**
Auger file----------------------------------------$18-M598**
Timber scribe-----------------------------------$48-M600**
Timber scribe-----------------------------------$72-M604**
Double cut spoke shave-----------------------$55-M610**
Timber scribe----------------------------------$60-M611**
14" bit brace Miller Falls-----------------------$35-M612
51 Style spoke shave--------------------------$32-M613**
Stanley 151 spoke shave-----------------------$40-M619
Stanley 151 spoke shave-----------------------$52-M622**
Audel's book set 1923--------------------------$70-M623**
Spoke shave (51 style)-------------------------$26-M624**
Audel's book set 1947-48----------------------$48-M625**
Stanley 151 spoke shave-----------------------$50-M626**
Audel's book set 1927--------------------------$30-M627**
Audel's book set 1923--------------------------$83-M628**
Audel's book set 1923--------------------------$69-M630**
Timber Scribe------------------------------------$61-M631**
51 Style spoke shave--------------------------$43-M632**
51 Style spoke shave--------------------------$59-M633**
51 Style spoke shave--------------------------$58-M634**
Stanley 151 spoke shave-----------------------$32-M636**
Stanley 151 spoke shave-----------------------$50-M638**
51 Style spoke shave--------------------------$38-M639**
Timber Scribe-----------------------------------$86-M641**
Stanley 151 spoke shave-----------------------$60-M642**
151 Blade only----------------------------------$10-M643**
151 Blade only----------------------------------$10-M644**
151 Blade only----------------------------------$10-M645**
151 Blade only----------------------------------$10-M647**
8" Outside caliper------------------------------$25-M648**
Timber Scribe----------------------------------$50-M649**
Audel's book set 1923-------------------------$50-M650**
Timber Scribe----------------------------------$50-M651**

Bit and Brace Bits:

7/16 Shell Auger-$10-6G
5/8 Shell Auger-$10-6H
11/16 Ships Auger-$15-6i
11/16 Ships Auger-$15-5J
11/16 Ships Auger-$15-5K
11/16 Shell Auger-$15-5L
11/16"-Shell Auger-long shank for bit brace--------$4-16H**
5/8" Spur auger bit for brace-NEW--------------------$8-26R**
15/16" Spur auger bit brace bit-----------------------$8-34E-3**
11/16" Spur auger bit brace bit-----------------------$8-34F-4**
3/4" Spur auger bit brace bit--------------------------$24-35L-10**
13/16" Spur auger bit brace bit-----------------------$8-35T**^
13/16" Spur auger bit brace bit-----------------------$22-37B-1**
3/4" Spur auger bit brace bit--------------------------$15-37L-1**
3/4" Spur auger bit brace bit--------------------------$15-37M-2**
3/4" Spur auger bit brace bit--------------------------$14-37O-4**
15/16" Spur auger bit brace bit------------------------$15-37V-1**
3/4" Spur auger bit brace bit--------------------------$22-37Y-4**
5/8" Spur auger bit brace bit--------------------------$18-37Z-5**
3/4" Spur auger bit brace bit--------------------------$20-38B-7**
1" Spur auger bit brace bit----------------------------$23-38C-8**
7/8" Spur auger bit brace bit--------------------------$11-38N-1**
1" Spur auger bit brace bit-----------------------------$16-44D-1**
1" Spur auger bit brace bit-----------------------------$16-44E-2**
3/4" Spur auger bit brace bit---------------------------$6-45A-1**
3/4" Spur auger bit brace bit---------------------------$6-45B-2**
7/8" Spur auger bit brace bit---------------------------$6-45C-3**
3/4" Spur auger bit brace bit---------------------------$6-45D-4**
1" Spur auger bit brace bit-----------------------------$6-45E-5**
3/4" Spur auger bit brace bit---------------------------$6-45F-6**

I hope you will take advantage of this offer, these are nice tools.
If you would like a photo of a tool, and your email program will accept pictures, I can send you one, just let me know. I have created an album and some of the tools have photos there. Here is a link to the album in my gallery:
Click here for link. Larger shots have been taken of each tool and they are available to be emailed to you.
All prices do not include shipping costs.

Jim Rogers
Vintage Tools NE

The id letter/number system after each tool price is my personal system to keep track of which item is which.

Jim I need a curved handle for my broad axe.  Do you have any of these?


--- Quote from: CX3 on May 13, 2011, 05:13:28 PM ---Jim I need a curved handle for my broad axe.  Do you have any of these?

--- End quote ---

Currently sold out of those, sorry.

Ok.  I hate to ask this but where might I buy one?

I'll have to ask my partner in the tool business, if he intends to get some more from his supplier.
He purchases all the tools, including the handles.
So I don't know where he gets them.

I believe he is still away from home, at his site where he is building his retirement timber frame home.
When he gets back, I'll ask him.



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