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Ron Wenrich:
How about Japanese larch?

I have seen only scattered larch stands in my area of Pennsylvania.  However, they were using them in strip mine reclamation.  I'm not sure if that is still the case.

Larch Man:
We have some samples of a hybrid larch from Plum Creek Timber Maine. I think it is a cross between Japanese and European larch. It grows fast but, they don't have it the quantities that we need for commercial extraction at this time. Thanks for your reply.

Ron Scott:
Some Tamarack is harvested in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Prices run from a low of $4.80/cord -to a high of $30.00/cord with an average of $23.28/cord. Contact the Michigan DNR Forest Management Division; Ottawa & Hiawatha National Forests; and Timber Producers in Upper Peninsula Counties.

I know there are some plantings of european larch in the eastern U.P. The Eastern U.P. has large areas of tamarack.

L. Wakefield:
Tamarack definitely grows abundantly in Maine. I would be interested in hearing more about some of those non-timber uses you mention- dietary supplements and whatever else.


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