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Walnut Burl

Started by Autocar, November 28, 2013, 02:31:45 PM

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I looked at a walnut job this morning and one tree had probably thirty foot of log then three limbs that branched out the center limb again was thirty feet or more and around four to six inches . Half way up there was a burl wrapping all the way around the whole limb, it looked to me if you cut it off it would roll like a ball. I took a picture of it and I may try to send it to fishpharmer and maybe he will post it. Looking at my phone picture I can't even see the ball but maybe on a computer screen you can.


I texted Fishfarmer last night and told him I was going to send a picture so I somehow deleated the whole page of pictures on my phone trying to send it, so much for a picture. If I get the job bought I will have a second chance on pictures  ;).


If you don't bust it lol
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I ended up not getting the job it sold for twelve thousand I had eight thousand on it. Ya can't buy them all, thats just the way you have to look at it. Thirty trees I just didn't feel the diameter was there on alot of them.


Yeah, you know what they say Autocar...If you buy them all your paying too much.
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that right there is so true.
30 trees? no I wouldn't think so, they would almost have to be perfect.
sounds like 12000 ft.?

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