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Howdy all,

I just bought a TJ 208GS, and I am trying to get service and operators manuals for it from John Deere's website.  Is there a way to decode the serial number to get the year?  The serial # is 784073.  When I bought it, the owner told me it was a 1980; I just want to double check before I fork over the cash for the manuals.

Thanks, Si.

  Serial numbers are complicated on Timberjacks. The G stands for Gm engine and the S stands for standard transmission. I would guess that you machine is a D series Timberjack. Hope this helps but if not another member called neilo is knowledgeable with those old "jacks".

It is a 1976 machine. I think most of the manuals are by serial number, not just year.

As bushmechanic said, it is a D series.

Thank you much, that helps alot.

The one I am fixing up has on it, (Timberland ~Ellicott)
Limited. This number 1063.
Model 205 H R
Serial 654541
Any idea what year? I thought 65.
It has a ford industrial gas 3.9


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