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tigercats new skidder

Started by OH logger, July 25, 2017, 09:14:19 PM

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 An old Timberjack cable machine was the first skidder I ever ran. I was kind of irritated by the fact you could only get in on one side. What was lost on me at the time was how easy it was to get on/off. Literally one step. 

 The Pettibone I have is one really big step, and then another to get in. And you can still only get in one side😁 If I was serious about cable skiddin', I'd want an old Jack.
Too many irons in the fire


I have a old timberjack 230A which is the same as the later 240B just not the square cab , same rearends, same winch , same driveline . I had years ago a older 450 TJ which I feel would be  just about right, it was on 23.1 by 26 tires, short and narrow , alor small than say a 450C . I guess if you look you could find a 380 with the cummins already in it   but it had a 4-53 in it so that would need to go bye bye for me , stick a 5.9 cummins in it and you have a skidder . Also had a clark 666D which I felt is one of if not the best skidder ever built 


Tigercat 857 falling shovel and 120 traction winch on show at the InterMountain Logging Conference and Equipment show. The 857 has reinforced base said to weight 5K lbs more than LS855. Improved boom geometry 38 foot, bar saw head on the live heel. 10 percent more lift. Higher cog is balanced by the heavier base. Similar swing power to 855 but greater leveling angle.   


Tigercat's new road and plant. Paris, Brant, Ontario.

Named after Iarocci.


Tidewater, Georgia, USA demonstration day.

At 0.30 in the short video, there is an 880E large log loader. I thought the 234 knuckleboom trailer log loader and 250D track loader also depicted in the video were as large a log loader as required in the Southern pine forests.

Would the 880E be required in the South for loading Tulip poplars etc for new utility powerline corridors and swamp logs? Or do pine pulpwood/ ChipnSaw logging contractors just need to load the log trucks very fast now? Or the remote possibility of someone going to try 'West Coast style' shovel logging on the hills in the South for environmental reasons, no flat skidder tires etc. Or the possibility of running a larger processing head if someone requires a 625 or larger Waratah type size processor.


Wonder if that grapple skidder could handle some of   rayrock that are 6 feet across!!!! :wink_2:
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They can bang out the loads with that equipment. Scary how many of the guys in the video that I recognized. I think I know what farm that was on too. Thanks for the share.
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