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Got a 1995 lt 40 and had line bust on log stops so changed out line and now log turner is slow and to weak to operate. Any suggestions on what happened and how to fix it would be appreciated! Tried bleeding log turner cylinder but didn't help or I didn't do it right. Thanks Bo

Installed new pickup module, new coil condenser
Backfires have good spark not sure what trouble is
Can anyone help looking for suggestions Thans wes

Hi All,

Just wondering what's the thoughts on the Fabtek 564 C forwarder?

- Fuel consumption.
- Wear parts.
- Hours which the pumps require an over hall.
- Engine reliability.

Thanks for all your help.


I am having problems with my circle saw at a new job and the problem is when the saw is running it "flutters". As it rotates the saw flutters and bounces of both of my front guides. The saw still cuts but the boards are coming out thick and saws don't last long at all. Any help would be great!


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More than once I've had to pull the head back manually because I was beyond the hydraulic electrical connection on my LT 35. Usually I have to pound in a couple of wedges to get it done. Is there a way to safely extend the electrical connection 5 or 6 feet? It usually happens when I forget to lower my...

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