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A local sawmill museum burned down a few nights ago, it is about 30 min drive from my home. I had stopped by a few times but not when it was running....always meant to go back when it was running... sadly too late now.

Bangor mill fire

A few pictures I took in 2017


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We have a 480c with the clark 28000 transmission the operator said he was backing up and it just quit moving. I've got pressure to a pump mounted next to the charging pump but nothing coming out of the line for the filter. And there are no spots to hook my Guage to. Any ideas or advice would be greatly...

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I'm going to throw out some questions here in case anyone is inclined to share thoughts on any of them. Thanks in advance!

1. How do the different mills -- the only ones I'm aware of are Lucas, Peterson, and Turbo, but I'd certainly be interested in hearing about any others -- compare in terms of portability. One of the things that especially appeals to me about swing blade mills is the option of taking the mill to the log and thereby minimizing the money I'd otherwise have to spend on log moving and loading equipment.Read More


I'm considering getting a Range Road RR6036AW .
I was wondering if anyone had one, thoughts?
Thanks in advance


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Big explosion and fire at the chip power plant last night
The plant is in the town I live in Springfield NH
It don't look good.

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